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Blue is one of the rare colors on which many differ. Blue is considered one of the tones of nature and tones that add a calm character. The blue color has many gradations that can create from each color gradation a palette of separate colors. There are shades of dark indigo blue that create a wonderful fusion with vibrant tones such as yellow and orange And azure and its fusion with neutral and pastel tones.

1- Don’t be afraid to use dark blue on the main wall of the bedroom

In the beginning, we can see how the designer used a touch of blue through this wall with distinctive color details such as the neutral cafe in the design of wood with notes of cashmere and pastel green in some touches of the accessory, the presence of some plants also in green in the details of the room, adding an aesthetic view that also broke the dark color of blue Just be sure to repeat the accent wall color (such as in the curtains or in the rug) to make the design flow.

2- Spaces and their use

Another idea is to take advantage of the cheerful turquoise blue tones in the main room wall and use neutral beige tones with it, such as wood and white also in the rest of the room’s walls, but the really great touch here that created a clear difference was the designer’s use of yellow in some decorative touches in the room.

Take advantage of every available millimetre of space, even if it means repositioning your bed to accommodate an entire corner.

3- Use the color details

Some cheerful color details can create a lively and aesthetic touch with dark blue, such as orange, yellow and green. All these tones can add a touch of joy with dark blue.

The designer used yellow pillows to support this idea in the design, and it was a simple touch, but it really added a lot.

4- Carpet can add a lot

A rug is always an easy way to add flair to a design, and depending on the size of the rug, the scale of the patterns can add visual interest to the entire room, possibly eliminating the need to add embellishments on other surfaces.

Wall-to-wall rugs are ideal for muting sounds and ensuring added comfort. In fact, you can take a look at some luxury hotel rooms, many of their suites are designed with the successful male traveler in mind

5- Use the raw materials

Darker colors call for more luxurious fabrics to enhance the edgy look we’re after. Think classics like wool, linen, heavy silk and high-thread count cotton – all imitating the look of a high-end hotel perfect for today’s modern and successful man.

6- color combinations

While a white room adds light and spaciousness, a colorful room will impress with an energetic and lively atmosphere. Try combinations that work well with lighter tones if you like an aura of calm, but darker tones if you want something a bit bolder – but steer clear of strong contrast.

7- Blue and white

There are many reasons why a nautical theme has been able to stay trendy for so long, and one of them is the great pairing of blues and whites. Whether it’s a winged chair in the corner, bed linens, a floor rug, or an entire color palette, blue is a strong color that gives bedrooms Clean and new finishes.

8- Simple and papery

Keep in mind that the darker blue you choose, the more rich and soulful the look of your bedroom will be, the greater the contrast between blue and white. For a softer, more beach-side look, cross into the calm world of blues and turquoises. Be sure to add your blue and white board with white ceramic, birch wood, and natural materials like rope, rattan, or wicker.

9- Best for bedrooms

A blue bedroom will, according to studies, get you a little closer to the recommended eight hours of uninterrupted sleep and leave you feeling calm too! These are not just rumors, because the receptors in our eyes are more sensitive and harmonious with the color blue. You may also suffer from low blood pressure!

10- Nice Ideas

So, how about turning your bedroom into a sophisticated and large space by crossing over to the darker side of the color spectrum? Navy, charcoal, olive, taupe and even all-black are all popular choices when it comes to flaunting an elegant look, no matter the space.

Ideas that will refresh your room in blue | Gurgaon | Noida | Delhi NCR

Practical Ideas to Create a Study Space in Your Child’s Room

Adding a study space in your child’s bedroom is very necessary, and confusing at the same time. Many fall into the trap of arranging and organizing the space in the room appropriately and at the same time adding an aesthetic touch to the arrangement of the room, but there is no need to worry and think too much. we will help you arrange your child’s bedroom in a practical and simple way and add a simple corner for studying.

1- You don’t have to use a table or desk

Adding a study corner is not necessary to use a table or desk to achieve it, especially if the space of the room is small, sometimes installing a shelf on the wall is ideal for creating a study corner without compromising the space of the room.

2- It is very simple and unique

Vibrant primary colors give a room some energy, the room should be small and full of life. Popular art prints are common and are often fairly gender-neutral. The office or an important place has to be tidy, easy to access, and plenty of space for textbooks and laptop. It seems that narrow study spaces are not conducive to learning, so if you It will include a desk in the bedroom, so choose a desk with built-in pulls and small shelves a bedside table

3- Add a touch that expresses his personality

If your teen moved out of it! They may have liked it at some point but maybe music is their main passion now. Find out what really drives your teen and suggest fixing things that can support him, like guitar stands, on the wall. They will be tricked (secretly) that you have been paying attention.

4- Make his room contain touches close to his heart

A great way to give your teen his own space and make him feel a little bigger, especially if he comes with an en suite bathroom. You can also make sure they see plenty of daylight by installing their bed under some skylights so they at least get their Vitamin D!

5-Gently encourage them to study

The general rule with teens is to encourage gently and not apply too much pressure. So, by adding a dedicated study area to their bedroom, they can enjoy some independence and know that you trust them to carry on with their schoolwork. Remember, you can still come in to check them out, under the guise of bringing snacks!


6- Help them to be more mature

If there’s one thing teens can’t wait for them to come of age. You can help them with this by directing them toward a much larger bedroom layout. Ditch the bunk beds and cuddly toys and let her choose rugs and double beds. They’ll be leaving the house at some point so you’ll at least have a nice spare room at the end of it all.

7- Use a media department

The media section in your teen’s room will ensure that you’re a lovable parent and not just a killing fun that makes all the rules. A desktop for doing homework, a gaming console for fun and a TV with a cracked sound system will surely keep you in the good books.

8- Make the walls of the study area unconventional

No teen likes to think they’re the same, so by making their bedroom unique, you’ll get instant parenting points. Ask them what colors and patterns they like and work together to come up with something cool. This chevron wallpaper makes a great desktop wallpaper and will be the envy of all their friends!

9- Unleash his imagination

Art is a great way to help your teen express themselves, so why not plan a print buying trip where they can pick out some of the things they love and frame them for their walls. There is nothing as good as acting as a teenager who feels like an adult.

10- Get out of the ordinary

This side table is perfect if you want to create a sophisticated contemporary vibe. The advantages of bold primary colors are obvious, as this table looks good next to intentionally asymmetric bedding (and we know a perfectly organized bedroom might not be at the top of every teen’s priority list). Easy to keep clean, with storage for books and magazines: What’s not to like?

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