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Having a beautiful corridor is not difficult

Nowadays, owning a house large enough to have a hallway or balcony is not easy. However, the majority of families with corridors in the house are neglecting the decoration of the hallway and not paying much attention to it while this is one of the most traveled areas because it is also a space. Common to the whole family. So, how to improve the hallway area in your home? Let’s find out with the experts through this article.


Notes when designing the hallway

– Corridor background color: This can be considered as the most important factor in the design of the hallway because it affects the vitality and nuance of the house. Corridors should be dark in color to represent solidity and stability. Therefore, if your family uses carpet or tiles, it should have a dark border on the outside and fade inward to imply convergence.


– Corridor background textures: Avoid using sharp patterns because in the concept it will bring bad luck and bad vibes to the homeowner. Therefore, you should choose elegant and bright motifs to create good luck and fortune.


– Corridor wall color: This is the next important factor that you should pay attention to. Contrary to the color of the hallway, you should choose light and neutral tones; avoid choosing dark colors that bring a heavy, gloomy feeling to bring a sense of harmony and comfort to the whole.


– Color of hanging lights in the hallway: To create neutrality in the color of the hallway, the light color of the lights is given priority. Should choose a light color that is much brighter than the background color of the hallway. This balance according to help family life more joyful, warm and prosperous.


– The corridor should not be arranged under the crossbar, if there is, it should be installed with a plaster ceiling to neutralize because such cause inhibitions for people living in the house.


– Corridor has the role of air conduction, so it must ensure that good air is distributed evenly throughout the whole house, and at the same time, it is necessary to connect the corridor with gaps such as the common hall, skylight, but should not go straight to a room. Private or dead-end corridor.


Materials used to finish the hallway



– Laminate flooring: Wood is considered one of the most popular materials today used for flooring including the hallway area. Wood material brings coolness, friendliness with nature and creates a solid and luxurious house. However, wood has certain disadvantages such as being susceptible to termites, so it needs to be checked and cleaned regularly and the price of wood is quite high.


– Carpets: Diverse in designs, models and colors as well as textures, hallway carpets are increasingly being chosen by many families. Carpeting in the hallway helps to make the house luxurious and a bit classic. However, with the climate in Vietnam, carpet should only be used in winter. Besides those advantages, the biggest disadvantage of using carpet is that it is easy to get dirty and difficult to clean. To keep the carpet clean, it needs to be cleaned regularly.


– Tiles: Reasonable prices, diverse designs and colors, tiles are also chosen by many families.


Corridor wall:

Because the hallway wall space is quite large and airy, to avoid boredom and monotony, families can refer to the following items:


– Wall paintings: The idea is quite old but extremely effective in filling the gap in the hallway wall. Art pages or simply frames of family members and relatives arranged in a stylized way will create interest for the hallway.


– Bench or bookshelf: It sounds unreasonable like if your hallway is wide enough; don’t hesitate to put a couch that will bring unique and fancy to the whole space.


– Wall lights: Currently, on the market there are many types of art wall lights with all different styles from modern to classic. This is also a suggestion for decorating the hallway space.


– Green plants: Put a few potted plants along the corridor to create a green space, helping to regulate the air in the corridor.


Area of corridor design

– Width : Depending on the area of ​​the house, the hallway can be wide or narrow. However, a hallway that is too narrow will create gloom and mystery, cramped for the house and the hallway should not be too wide, leading to a waste of room space. For a normal house, the width of the corridor ranges from 1m -1m6 which is reasonable.


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