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The harmful word fine dust is taking place in our daily life. It were taken for granted. In addition, as environmental hormones and chemical substances such as carcinogens detected in sanitary napkins and bed mattresses continue to be known. Interest in Eco-friendly concepts found in our living spaces or living environments is increasing.

As many people realize the close connection between health and the environment. We are exposed to in our daily life, the importance of Eco-friendly interiors is increasing. If so, what are the elements of an Eco-friendly interior called the base or beginning of a healthy life?

It is the floor and walls that occupy the largest area in the interior and determine the atmosphere of the space . As it occupies a large area, the effect on my health varies greatly depending on how much material containing harmful substances is used. Therefore, products that have been certified as Eco-friendly by an accredited institution are safe for the human body as they are produced by rigorously testing for skin irritations, allergens, and carcinogens on the production line, from textile raw materials to final products.

For example, negative ion wallpaper that prevents indoor pollution, wallpaper containing phytoplankton that eliminates sick house syndrome, ocher wallpaper that activates metabolism, water-based ink wallpaper that does not emit harmful substances, and textile wallpaper with excellent thermal insulation and humidity control. It is recommended to use them and make sure that these materials are environmentally certified.

An important element of an Eco-friendly interior is to have natural elements inside. Air purifiers are installed in response to fine dust, which has been on the rise in recent years. However, it is possible to purify the indoor air even without using home appliances by simply placing plants that play a role of pleasant air purifying inside. In addition, a compound word of plant and interior, planter, provides an interior effect that inspires bright and positive vitality, and is a very basic method used for Eco-friendly interior elements.

In the past, paint had an unpleasant industrial odor and felt harmful to the body, but the image of paint today is very different. VOC, which is called volatile organic compound emission, should be low, and it is necessary to use eco-friendly paint that is harmless and mild to the human body by checking whether it is EG-free paint that does not contain ethylene glycol (EG), a substance that is a cause of air pollution and has been determined to be toxic. Paints labeled as low-toxic are often mistaken for eco-friendly paints. You should look at non-toxic, not low-toxic products, and some eco-friendly paints contain various chemical components.

Wood furniture is the best. The reason is that furniture made of synthetic plastic releases environmental hormones when temperature is applied, and MDF, called plywood, is made by applying synthetic adhesive to thin wooden boards, but there is a high risk of exposure to the toxicity of the adhesive. MDF is compressed sawdust, etc., and is produced after being dipped in a solution of preservative and polishing agent and dried. If the furniture we are most in contact with in our daily life is made like this, it is very bad for our health. Therefore, when choosing furniture , it is better to prefer wooden furniture even if the price is burdensome .

How about using recycled products as props that play a big role in creating interior spaces? It is a one stone three trio method that can reduce waste, reduce interior costs, and help protect the environment. Canned food and beverage cans discarded after use can be transformed into sensible accessories with unique coloring. Also, old clothes or duvets can be reborn as sofas or cushion covers.

The lightweight, easy-to-use plastic container is mercilessly exposed to environmental hormones when heated. Therefore, it is best to avoid plastic and use glass containers for microwave or hot food. In addition, the glass bottle is a perfect match for an Eco-friendly interior element because it harmonizes in a fantastical way with the plantation described above.

Eco-friendly effect If you are thinking of Eco-friendly interior accessories that can be easily practiced in your daily life, how about using materials brought from nature? By installing a structure for growing sprouts or vegetables inside, it has an interior effect and has the advantage of being able to grow vegetables that I have grown myself. In addition, by using interior accessories made of natural materials such as soy candles, it is possible to create a comfortable and safe space from harmful substances.

You may have heard a lot of information about the fact that conveniently used dish washing detergent contains a lot of poisonous chemicals and harmful ingredients. If you think that detergents that are readily available in the market contain attractants, preservatives, and optical brighteners that can enter our body immediately, we may be reluctant to use detergents.

However, in terms of hygiene, it is impossible not to use detergent. Then, how about making your own natural detergent that you can use with confidence? Often, you can make your own non-toxic dish washing detergent using readily available ingredients at home, such as baking soda and vinegar.

Anything more than necessary is always wasted, and that waste is thrown away in the form of garbage. What we must do in order not to create waste in the first place is to reduce unnecessary consumption. Minimalist interior design, which is enough to be used with interest only in what exists in the present, is one of the Eco-friendly interior forms where you can look at the beauty of a clean space without throwing away.

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