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Tips for designing a bedroom for a newborn

For babies, the bedroom is probably the space that the child is most attached to, so parents should pay attention to the arrangement of the baby’s bedroom so that the baby has a safe and comfortable space to sleep. Besides, the space of the room, the color and the interior can completely affect the development of the child later, so what should parents keep in mind when designing a child’s bedroom:


Since babies are still weak and poor immunity to space children need to sleep and play in cool, well-ventilated store and clean

-The furniture layout:

Absolutely not to join or the child’s bed is close to where clothes or curtain cords are stored or anything else the child can reach and harm the child.

Baby cot :

The baby’s crib is the place where the baby spends most of the time, so parents need to make sure that the crib is made of good, sturdy and safe materials. If parents take advantage of old cribs, they need to carefully check the level of certainty before using. The best direction to place the bassinet is with the head facing north and the feet facing south.

-Children’s sleeping mattress :

It is necessary to choose a soft mattress, made of safe materials and suitable for the baby’s crib. If the space between the mattress and the crib is enough for you to fit two fingers in, the mattress is too small. Often crib manufacturers will have a mattress that fits each of their products, so you should ask to buy a mattress that comes with the crib.

– Blankets and pillows for children: –

Should choose soft blankets, natural cotton or cotton; The size of the pillow is just right, should not be too big and heavy, making it difficult for the baby to sleep.

– Paint the room:

For the children’s bedroom, you should choose the paint colors that are gentle and have warm light tones. Parents should choose a paint of good quality, containing as little or no volatile chemicals as possible. Currently on the market there are very safe organic paints, parents should also refer. And it is important to paint 1 week before then arrange furniture for children to move in.


Windows need to be equipped with thick curtains to block light well and it is best to use curtains without wires. Glass doors should not be installed in the infant’s room because glass doors block ultraviolet rays, affecting the baby’s calcium production.

– Furniture:

Do not place too much large furniture in the children’s room to occupy area, space as well as inconvenience for living. However, because babies have a lot of small things, parents should buy a functional wardrobe to organize their baby’s things more neatly and scientifically.

-Electric sockets:

In children’s rooms, it is advisable to limit the design of electrical outlets or design electrical outlets in places out of reach of children. If there is an electrical outlet, when the child begins to crawl, the electrical outlets should be glued to prevent curious children from reaching into the electrical outlet causing danger.

– Lights in the room:

During the day, parents can take advantage of sunlight because it is good for the baby’s bone development; however, during periods of time without natural light, the light of electric lights is light and yellow. It will be good for children because their eyes are still weak.

In addition to the above safety factors, at the newborn stage, there is not a clear distinction between a boy’s bedroom and a girl’s bedroom. Therefore, parents should actively choose the main color tone for the baby’s room. From there, choose the color to paint the walls, floor and interior to suit, harmoniously create comfort for the baby.

Warm tones such as beige yellow, wood color, milk color will easily put your baby to sleep. If the child’s parents do not really understand the layout of the room, they should seek the advice of experts in this field to have the best room for the child.

Currently on the market there are many professionals providing design services baby bedroom at very reasonable price. The cost to complete a room for an infant with an area of ​​​​10 -20m2 ranges from 20-30 million VND depending on the quality of the furniture that the parents choose.


Bedroom for a newborn Gurgaon Noida Delhi NCR Interior Designer


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For new parents, setting up a nursery is an exciting time. It’s so much pleasure to look through all the adorable and charming baby furniture and décor to welcome your bundle of joy home when you have a baby on the way.

Don’t worry if you get overwhelmed while browsing through the countless picture-perfect nurseries on Pinterest and Instagram and are unsure of where to start. We’ve consulted interior experts for their best design advice, nursery inspiration, and ideas.

You may make important design decisions about the furniture, lighting, and decor required for your nursery by taking a close look at the space. A space assessment will give you a better idea of what you have to work with and any alterations you need to take into account. You can learn more by providing answers to the following questions:

Will parents or siblings share the nursery?

Exists a wardrobe or built-in storage space in the room?

Is there any natural light in the nursery?

Do the internal walls have adequate insulation?

How noisy is it outside your window?

Create Your Own Layout

Not every piece of baby furniture will fit in every home because it comes in a variety of sizes. However, you can use painter’s tape to measure the space you have available. Following your area-mapping with the tape, measure it with a ruler to determine the largest measurements you have to accommodate the furniture in each location. For smaller pieces of furniture and decor like carpets, paintings, shelves, and storage baskets, you can use the same procedure.

Clear Space for Mama and Baby

When it comes to creating a nursery, Coe says that after considering safety and functionality, the most important thing to remember is that the room should be made for the parents as well as the child. Parents will spend a lot of time in that room, says Coe, and the peace and quiet they enjoy there will flow down to the infant. After all, until they are considerably older, [a newborn] won’t care how the room appears.

Gather Pictures for Inspiration

Whether your favorite home décor style is whimsical, rustic, or futuristic, browsing social media is a terrific way to uncover nursery ideas that inspire you. According to Coe, it’s [also] [very] helpful [for] a designer when a new client has saved inspiration images on Pinterest, Instagram, or elsewhere.

“Having photographs to turn to for inspiration is also excellent if someone wants to DIY their nursery design,” adds Coe. The secret, according to her, is to focus on the details and make a note of the things you are drawn to, such as particular colours, furniture styles, textures, patterns, etc.

Creating a Serene Sanctuary: Designing a Bedroom for Your Newborn

Introduction: Welcoming a newborn into your home is a joyous occasion, and designing a bedroom that provides comfort, safety, and a serene environment is essential. In this blog, we’ll explore thoughtful ideas and practical tips to help you create a cozy and nurturing space for your precious little one.

  1. Choose a Calming Color Palette: Opt for soft, soothing colors for the walls and decor. Pale pastels, muted greens, or tranquil blues create a calming atmosphere, promoting a sense of serenity in the newborn’s bedroom.
  2. Invest in a Safe and Comfortable Crib: Prioritize safety when selecting a crib. Ensure it meets current safety standards, has no loose parts, and features adjustable mattress heights. Invest in a comfortable mattress with a fitted sheet, and avoid soft bedding materials to reduce the risk of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS).
  3. Create a Cozy Nursing Nook: Designate a comfortable corner for nursing or feeding times. Place a cozy rocking chair or glider with soft cushions and a side table for essentials like water, burp cloths, and reading materials. This area should be well-lit and easily accessible during nighttime feedings.
  4. Implement Soft and Gentle Lighting: Install soft, adjustable lighting to create a calming ambiance. Consider a dimmable overhead light or a soothing nightlight to provide gentle illumination during nighttime activities without disturbing the baby’s sleep.
  5. Add Personalized Touches: Infuse the room with personal touches that make it uniquely suited for your baby. Hang personalized artwork, include framed family photos, or add decorative elements that hold sentimental value, creating a warm and loving environment.
  6. Consider Practical Storage Solutions: Invest in practical storage solutions to keep the room organized. Use labeled bins for diapers, wipes, and clothing. Consider a dresser with ample storage space for baby clothes, blankets, and other essentials.
  7. Temperature Control: Ensure a comfortable temperature in the baby’s room. Use blackout curtains to regulate light and temperature, and consider a gentle fan or a small space heater, depending on the season, to maintain a cozy environment.
  8. Soft and Safe Flooring: Choose a soft and safe flooring option for the nursery. Carpets or area rugs with nonslip backing provide a cushioned surface, making tummy time and early crawling stages more comfortable for your baby.
  9. Adorn the Walls with Whimsical Decor: Decorate the walls with whimsical and age-appropriate decor. Consider wall decals, framed prints of cute animals, or a mural that adds a touch of playfulness to the room. Just ensure any decor items are securely fastened.
  10. Create a Comfortable Changing Station: Set up a practical changing station with a changing table, storage for diapers and wipes, and a comfortable changing pad. Keep essentials within arm’s reach to make diaper changes efficient and stress-free.

Conclusion: Designing a bedroom for your newborn involves a combination of safety, comfort, and personal touches. By incorporating calming colors, safe furniture, and thoughtful decor, you can create a serene sanctuary where your baby can thrive. This space will not only cater to the practical needs of caring for a newborn but also provide a backdrop for precious moments and lasting memories.