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Interior designers take care beauty, safety and functionality when designing a space. An Interior Designer needs to have knowledge of some software for designing. An interior designer need to manage many vendors who are part of the designing a space. While interior designing requires an artistic flair, this must be combined with a working knowledge of design software, building codes and laws, and management skills. Interior designers are often required to work with contractors, designers and clients to design spaces that meet building codes and work with the design of the building. These spaces must also offer the client an aesthetically appealing, safe and functional environment. Interior design is a profession merging artistic, analytical and technical disciplines to provide an interior solution dictated by the needs of a client. This requires a unique personality, one who can understand and manage divergent concepts. Interior designers must be familiar with color, fabrics and furnishings, as well as construction materials, electrical capacity and building codes. Excellent organizational, communication and business skills are also critical to the success of designers. A career in interior designing includes more than just being able to arrange an appealing room. Interior designing also requires knowledge of blueprints, safety hazards and building codes, as well as an eye for fashion and design.

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Interior designers plan and create interiors to client specifications. Some interior designers work on residential properties, while others specialize in commercial environments, such as offices, retirement homes or hotels. Many in the profession are self-employed. In addition to decorating design elements like color palettes and different fabrics, designers must understand building codes, health and safety regulations and building blueprints. Interior designers often utilize computer design software to create design plans. An associate or bachelor's degree is typically required for an entry level position.

Designing functional and welcoming spaces lies at the heart of an interior designer's focus. Sought after by corporations, retailers and individuals, an interior designer can help to create a relaxing and productive environment no matter what the setting. Experts at bringing together colors, textures and individual design elements, interior designers receive education, training and certification to ensure they meet the standards of the industry. Studying and training to become an interior designer can lead to a fulfilling career.

Design is everywhere and most people spend approximately 90 percent of their day in some sort of designed environment. When you shop, you encounter design in department store windows and displays, at lunch you eat in rooms that have specially made booths and with art and artifacts to look at. Even at the library there are shelves, niches and relaxed public seating that foster comfort and quiet design. Really, wherever we seek professional services, areas have been touched by an individual who planned the interior to meet building, safety, fire and accessibility codes--all with cost and design in mind.


The concept of using fabric in the closet is the same as painting. However, fabric will give you much more depth and texture. True painting is easier but if you want to create a little jewel box of a space, fabric just might be the tool you are looking for. Some fabrics can be applied like wallpaper if they are of a heavy stock (paper backing is preferable or you can have your fabric professionally backed). Paper backed fabrics are available, but they are often available to trade (a.k.a. industry professionals) as they are a high-end item.

Consider instead applying fabric to the inside of your closet doors, which is easier and less costly. With a staple gun you can attach the fabric to the door back and then add either an edging of corresponding fabric or a line of nail heads available at most craft stores. A cotton velvet with nail heads would give a great upgrade to your inside closet door decor.


As a painter/wallpaper hanger in my earlier years, I papered many a closet and pantry. My first thought when I'd get a job was: "Okay, no problem, money and a job. What do I care if people are overdoing their spaces." However, I immediately changed my thoughts after I finished my first job: The effect of a papered closet is fantastic! Think of your big hall closet with two doors that open up into a common space with a bold “vintage/geometric” pattern that pops to life as the doors open. You'll have a wonderful visual that you don’t have to quickly shut out and hide. Contrast in pattern is key in the closet because you do have other “stuff” in the way. The bold and contrasting pattern will help give you that depth of space I spoke about earlier when talking about bright paint on bookshelves.


Our closet shelves are continually cluttered with hats, gloves, scarves, and everything in between. Let’s organize the debacle! Many of us have baskets in the attic or basement or the closet -- why not reinvent them with a splash of color? Luckily, vendors have supplied us with a multitude of colored spray paints to help us accomplish this. Continue your style and splash some color onto those tired baskets and put them on your closet shelves. If you are in need of storage baskets there are many vendors to obtain these from. If you can get baskets on clearance in a color that doesn't match your scheme, remember that a can of spray paint is probably right next door. Another way to add color and interest into your closets and shelving is to add some decorative ribbon or bows around the baskets to personalize them for you and your family. Interior Designer in Gaur City Noida, Interior Decorator in Gaur City Noida. 


For a large entry hall closet or other like spaces, your shelf above your closet rod is a great area to add style. Move aside the items on the shelf, possibly already in some sort of basket or organizer and add a few items that you would use on your shelves in other household areas. With the right color and lighting as a backdrop you have instantly created another element of home decor and color.


Once upon a time, wooden hangers were a luxury. Fortunately we now have vendors of wooden hangers to give organization and style a lift without breaking the bank. We may not be able to supply all of our closets with wooden hangers -- prioritize your most visual closets with a bit of an upgrade. Bedroom and kids closets may not be an option for wood hangers, but you can start by purchasing only white hangers, which will be neutral and work with any garment you hang on it. Now organize all your clothes by color to further enhance your closet color correction! 


All decorating is dependent on light. Now that our closets are "color-corrected” and styled they need an additional design element to finish them off. I often go into a closet and can’t see anything. The bulb is burnt out or the pull string is gone or the batteries are dead -- which might be a blessing in disguise if your closet is a mess!

If you have chosen to enhance your closet with shelves adorned with a few decorative objects, you might want to add an accent light at the ceiling and back wall joint. An under-cabinet strip light will backlight these elements beautifully. Be careful not to over-light your closet with too much wattage. Lower wattage bulbs or a dimmer could be much more effective for a decorative and colorful closet.

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