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Modular Kitchen maker in Noida Extension

When your budget is low and your kitchen needs a facelift, look for small projects that can be completed without outside help. By completing the labor yourself, you can stick with your budget and spruce up your kitchen. Many kitchen remodeling projects can be completed in an afternoon or on a weekend.

By updating your backsplash, you can add instant color and style to the kitchen. Start with a set of inexpensive, solid-colored tiles in shades that coordinate with your kitchen decor. You can make a pattern of alternating color, use one color to form your last initial, or make an abstract design using multiple colors. For a touch of visual interest, use a solid base and include a single stripe of more expensive, patterned tiles. Choose colors and patterns that will work with the lighting in your kitchen; in low light, avoid dark tiles, which can give your countertop and sink area a cave like feeling.

Adding modern fixtures can be an easy, quick way to add style to an older kitchen without breaking the bank. Replace old faucets with new, designer versions; for a dramatic effect, choose faucets that come directly out of the walls. Replace your sink basin to match the new fixtures. To make your new faucets even more budget friendly, look for low-flow options, which can help reduce your utility bills by using less water?

Because cabinets take up the bulk of space in the kitchen, refinishing them can add an instant facelift to the room. Look for inexpensive options that will not bust your budget to add style without spending too much. Adding a simple coat of paint, for example, can make an instant change. You can also consider replacing door hardware, installing fabric panels into the doors, or stenciling patterns on the doors. For a more ambitious project, cut designs into the doors and glue a piece of stained glass to the inside to add depth and a touch of color.

If your kitchen uses an old, fluorescent light fixture, updating the lighting can have an instant effect on the mood of the room. Look for lighting that suits the way you use the kitchen. If you cook, install under cabinet lighting that will increase brightness on the counter space for mixing and cutting. If you cook on the stovetop often, install a recessed pot lighting to make it easier to gauge the state of the food. If your kitchen is used frequently for family or social gatherings, replace the main room lights with soft options that will create a comforting, flattering atmosphere.

When you want to add a focal point to your kitchen, start with the countertops. Because they are used often and are easily visible, the countertops can be an easy and budget-friendly remodeling option. Look for materials that suit the feeling of the room, such as wood, stone or granite. You can also choose engineered stone options, which are cheaper than granite. If you want to replace the countertops yourself, choose ceramic tiles, which are easy to install and can handle the heat from hot pans and dishes.

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Remodeling your kitchen cabinets is as easy as installing decorative wall molding on the doors. Using wall molding to brighten kitchen cabinets is much more cost-effective than completely replacing your kitchen cabinets, or even the cabinet doors. Knowing how to apply wall molding to your cabinets will help.

Lightly sand the cabinet doors with fine-grit sandpaper. Once you have sanded the cabinets, wipe them down with a tack cloth to remove extra dust.

Apply primer to the cabinets with a paintbrush. Adding a primer will help to provide a seamless visual transition between the cabinet and the molding. Allow the primer to dry to the touch.

Decide on the design you want to create with the molding. Many homeowners simply choose to create a small box on the front of their flat-panel cabinet doors. Others add molding to other places on their cabinets. The choice is one of preference, although adding molding to the doors may give you the biggest bang for your buck.

Prime the molding and let it dry. After priming, paint the molding with latex paint.

Measure the wall molding to size and mark it with a pencil; cut on a miter saw. When cutting the molding for corners, cut it on a 45-degree angle.

Attach the molding to the cabinets with a nail gun and finish nails. Apply a small amount of caulk around the molding to fill the seams and any small gaps.

Paint the entire cabinet with several coats of latex paint, letting each coat dry before applying another one.

Modular kitchen maker in Noida Extension

Modular kitchen maker in Noida ExtensionBest Modular kitchen in Noida


Remodeling kitchen cabinets yourself saves money and allows you to pick the style and color of the doors. If the cabinet is worn or damaged it may need more than the usual coat of paint. Reface the cabinet with unusual ideas for a one-of-a-kind kitchen that you can create yourself.

Kitchen cabinets costs less money than buying new. For a wood front, resurface the cabinets with wood veneer. You'll need to take off the doors and unscrew the hardware and hinges before you start. A degreaser and sandpaper gets the surface ready for veneer. Affix the veneer with spray adhesive and a pneumatic nailed. Continue the steps on the cabinet sides. Use a laminate cutter and veneer with adhesive already applied for the cabinet trim.

Apply wallpaper to the front of cabinets using decoupage glue. Look for a cheery berry print for a country or retro kitchen. Damask patterned wallpaper gives an elegant touch to a room. Blow up a recipe and print it out to decoupage the front of cabinet doors for graphic visual appeal.

Adding elements to your cabinetry is an easy and inexpensive way to resurface doors. Your kitchen can become a photo gallery. Paint a small picture frame the same color as the cabinet door. Put your picture in the frame and attach it to the door with screws. Use floral prints for a Victorian kitchen or family photos for a sentimental cabinet door. Place the photo treatment on just a few focal cupboard doors so it doesn't become overwhelming. Black adds a modern touch to cabinetry, but it can also be useful. Use chalkboard paint on door fronts for a stylish message board. Install a piece of molding on the bottom of the cabinet for a place to put chalk. Magnetic paint under the paint color of your choice makes for a useful cabinet refinishing project. Large dot magnets add a contemporary feel to cupboards.

Add trim to a flat panel door for interest. A traditional door has trim around the edge or a few inches from the end of the door. For a modern trim accent, reface the door with strips of wood. Place the strips in a random grid-work pattern for an architectural element.

Modular Kitchen maker in Noida Extension, Get Design with Execution

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Refinishing cabinets gives them new life and an upgraded appearance without the costly undertaking of having the cabinets refaced. As long as your cabinets are in good shape and you like their basic style, you can strip off the old stain and change their color. Painting birch cabinets can be tricky, however, because the stain tends to blotch. A couple of extra steps will prevent blotching and give you a beautiful finish.

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Interior Designer in Noida Extension

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Modular kitchen maker in Noida Extension


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