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Dinning room is a part of you home you sit with each other and have a chat, dinning room should be very attractive and beautiful. Our dining room walls are the one space in our home that gives us creative to do something totally unexpected. it should be elegant and charming, Even the tiniest of dining rooms can handle patterned wallpaper and dark wall colors. Your dining room is shared with family and guests, but most often it sits empty. The good news is that because your dining room is not used frequently,  you can be more creative with color and design of dinning room. We love the idea of making our dining rooms a place where we want to spend more time with family's members.

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It is a challenge to warm up an open dining space or bring character to a plain room. Reclaimed wood accents are on-trend right now and can center an open dining space with color and texture. Color plays a big role for the beauty of dinning room, a wood accent wall adds a much-needed architectural element.Interior Designer

If you would like to keep your dining room looking neutral, texture and pattern is the secret to keep it interesting. You should make it simple and Metallic print wallpaper in contemporary, and graphic patterns bring light into the room and highlight your lighting fixtures. Even the most neutral or minimalist room benefits from a glimmer of metallic accents, as long as you keep your color palette simple. You can make it more beautiful by adding on some photos in your dinning area.

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Dining room gives you the opportunity to add pretty accent colors without painting any walls. No built-in cabinets? No problem! cabinets, hutches and even bookcases can be customized with color. You can play with color combination to make it more attractive and beautiful. You want to choose an accent color that pops from the cabinetry to really show it off. Sprinkle your accent color around the room with table linens and artwork for a professionally-designed style. You have to take care of design of dinning area.

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It is not always possible to paint your dining room walls. You can take alternative of color, you can use  wallpaper on walls or P.V.C paneling for your dinning area. Whether you are a renter or you just do not have time to tackle a paint project, draperies can give you the color you need. Print or patterned draperies can add a lot of color to your dining room, giving you plenty of accent colors for your decorating palette. The best tip for using draperies to decorate a wall is to be generous with them — this means adding an extra set to the rod to fill out the wall. If you’d like to use your dining room draperies as a focal point, install a drapery rod much wider than your window and fill the extra space with additional drapes. You can also add on some photos on wall with help of an interior designer.

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We love stripes, especially on the wall. Bold horizontal stripes can make a small dining space look larger and give the illusion of architectural details. You want to keep your stripes simple with a few colors, especially if you have a small dining room. Artwork in a striped dining room looks best when it’s simple and large — small or busy artwork gets lost in a wall of stripes. You have to be creative to make your dinning area more beautiful.

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Don’t be shy about mixing patterns and colors when you decorate your dining room. You have more creative options for the least-used rooms of your home, so be fearless in your choices. If you want to mix patterns but don’t want to go overboard, a monochromatic color palette can help. Decorating in various shades of the same color gives you a subtle color palette and is accommodating for any type of patterns within that color palette — the best of both worlds.

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A photo mural on your wall can make your dining room look as if it goes on forever. A soothing beach scene mural gives guests a relaxing view to enjoy with dinner. Treat your wall mural as an accent wall, pulling colors for your decorating palette. 

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We love bold color, and your dining room is the perfect spot to show it off. Like a powder room, your dining room can handle your favorite color easily. If you aren’t ready to commit to painting every wall in your favorite bold color, let the architectural details of your dining room be your guide. Chair rails, wainscoting and wall molding give easily separated breaks in wall color. If your dining room doesn’t already have wall details that work with two-toned walls, consider adding molding or a simple stripe separating the two colors.

We know that our dining rooms have four walls, but did you know that there’s a fifth wall to decorate? Your dining room ceiling is an important part of your decorating plan. A chandelier is often the focal point for your dining space, putting all eyes on your ceiling. You can take advantage of that extra wall by adding an accent color, reclaimed wood or even wallpaper. The ceiling is your blank canvas. 

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We love dining rooms with that “wow factor.” It’s easier than you think to create a stunning contemporary dining room in your home with wallpaper and color. One of the easiest ways to create a statement on your dining room walls is wallpaper with a graphic pattern. Black, gray and white patterns give you a clear palette for adding a vibrant accent color. A simple color palette allows your wallpaper to shine and your accent color to play a supporting role.

Room Divider

A room divider can add a whole new dimension to any space. Whether you want to section off a little area of your living room to use as an office, want to make a play area for your children or create a private area for changing clothes in an efficiency apartment, a divider offers virtually endless possibilities. A room divider is made even more convenient if you add some wheels to its base so you can just roll it around whenever you want to adjust it. Building your own room divider on wheels requires only some basic tools and a trip to your local hardware store. You will also need two partners to assist you.

Have a sheet of plywood cut to the size you want for your divider. Most hardware stores will do this for you. Have your 2-by-4 plank cut to the same length as the bottom of the plywood sheet.

Sand down the plywood sheet with the sandpaper, particularly along the edges. This is to smooth out the sharp edges, which could cause cuts, and help prevent splinters.

Screw a roller wheel to each corner of one side of the 2-by-4 plank on the 4-inch side. The plank will serve as the base of your divider. The roller wheels will be attached to square-shaped screw plates with four screw holes in each corner. Use a power drill to guide wood screws through the holes in the screw plates and secure the roller wheels to the plank.

Set the plank on its wheels and test it to make sure it rolls around properly. It should resemble a long, narrow skateboard.

Have your partners center the plywood sheet over the plank. Make sure it is perfectly centered and standing straight up, perpendicular to the plank. This is essentially what your bare divider will look like.

Attach the plywood sheet to the plank with the mounting brackets. The brackets are pieces of metal bent at 90-degree angles with screw holes on each end to connect the sheet to the plank. Place a bracket at each end of the sheet on each end and one in the center. Repeat the process with the other side of the sheet.

Test your divider by rolling it around and making sure it isn't too wobbly. Attach more mounting brackets if it seems shaky at the bottom.

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