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Just because a living room is small does not mean that it's useless. There are design and decor tricks you can use to create an illusion of space. Avoid filling the small space with clutter. This is not the space to display your knickknacks. Get as many items off the floor as possible. One of the secrets is to have a clear floor space.

Use light colors to help create the illusion of a larger room. There is a great variety of pastels, neutrals and whites to choose from. Pick a base color and work off that color with different shades. Pick out furniture in a solid color, not patterned. If the walls are pink, pick a different shade of pink for the furniture. The rug should be the same base color, but a different shade. Paint the ceiling the same color as the walls. This helps pull the room together and eliminates dramatic lines. Avoid using dark colors or patterned wallpaper. You want the small room to look light and airy, not like a dark, gloomy cave.

Light is an important element when opening up a room. Spot-lighting in corners helps chase the shadows away. Floor lamps that resemble torch lights have a directional light shade built in. This points the light to the ceiling, where the light bounces back down into the room. Keep the windows uncluttered to let in as much natural lighting as possible.

Choose accessories carefully. Add a large wall mirror to reflect the light and color in the room. It creates the look of a large space. You also could tile a wall with mirrors for the same effect. One large, bright painting is better than a group of smaller ones. The small paintings will amplify the enclosed feeling by adding clutter. Keep the furniture small and position it close to the walls. Try a love seat and a couple of small chairs in the same color as the walls or rug. This is not the space for a couch and over-stuffed chairs. Choose glass tables; this lets you see the floor under the table and maintains the illusion of an open space. Consider adding a built-in, floor-to-ceiling bookcase. This requires little floor space while utilizing a lot of useful space. Organize every item on the bookcase to keep the room uncluttered.

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Design a TV wall unit

Decorate the wall where your TV is placed in a manner that is interesting, but not distracting. Leaving the wall blank is almost as distracting as having too much going on around your TV. Utilize the wall space around your TV to add to your decor so that the wall serves a purpose even when you aren't watching TV. The room will appear more inviting and pulled together if the decor on the TV wall relates to the color scheme or theme of the room.

Paint the wall behind your TV a bold color to serve as an accent wall. The TV is typically the focal point of a family room or media room, so draw more attention to it with a colorful background provided by the wall. A bold wall color will serve to further the decor in the room, yet it won't compete with the TV. If bold colors aren't your thing, consider a neutral color such as cream, beige or light brown which will still add some color to the wall. Avoid busy patterns or wallpaper that might cause a distraction.

Place furniture around the TV if there's room. The TV can be placed on a TV bench or inside a television cabinet if it's a flat panel or smaller set. For larger TVs, consider large shelves or media center furniture. The shelving will provide a place to add decorative accessories and take up wall space. The furniture should match or complement other furniture in the room.

Hang wall decor around the TV that adds interest to the space, but doesn't compete with the TV. Frame the TV with small black and white pictures or create an arrangement on either side of the TV that isn’t the same size and shape as the TV. For example, hang circular pictures or create diamond-shaped arrangements. If the TV is being hung above a fireplace, hang a collection of pictures in a long, vertical arrangement on the side. Create a visually appealing arrangement of wall art or pictures that aren't too busy so they won't distract from the TV.

Mirror wall decorating

Decorating around a mirror can be trickier than decorating a plain wall because everything in the room will be reflected. That's especially true when an entire wall is covered with a mirror. Make the best of your mirror-covered wall by decorating the mirror and the space around it. The mirror can become the focal point of the room, or simply enhance the rest of your decor. Use your favorite style, images, patterns, colors or tie a decorating theme in with the mirror.

Add a colorful border around the mirror. Paint the wall that peeks out from behind the mirror a bold color, install decorative molding around the mirror to make it look like a framed mirror or glue decorative tiles, seashells or other items around the edges of the mirror.

Hang curtain panels or fabric in front of the mirror or on the sides to cover a part of the mirror. Installing decorative curtain rods or a ceiling-mounted sliding system will allow you to show off the mirror or hide it when you don't want to see it. Sheer panels will lessen the effect of the mirror, while still allowing bits and pieces to shine through.

Install a picture rail above the mirror to hang large pictures or pieces of artwork. You can hang the frames from hooks in the ceiling if there is no wall space above the mirror.

Colors for a Room

When decorating or redecorating a space that may not be as large as you like, changing the wall color can create the illusion of extra size. While it does nothing to actually make the room bigger, it at least leaves your room looking and feeling less confined. Rearranging the furniture and adding mirrors help rooms look bigger, as well. With a combination of techniques, you can give a tiny studio apartment the look of a large loft.

Neutral shades and earth tones on walls give a room a larger look. Colors like tan, beige, and dark brown reflect light rather than absorb it. When light is reflected, the room seems larger than it actually is. Painting moldings and trims a lighter color helps make the room look even bigger than making the walls alone a neutral color. In addition, using solid colors rather than special designs or wallpaper creates the illusion of a larger size within a room.

White, like neutral colors, reflects light and gives rooms a larger look. The starkness of all-white walls may be too much for some people, however. For those who enjoy dark colors, having a solid black room creates a look of a larger space, as well. Black makes the furniture and accessories within the room stand out, while the walls fade into the background.

Warm colors within a home bring the walls forward. This makes a space appear smaller than it actually is, which can work well within overly large rooms that need to be brought in. Cool colors, however, have the opposite effect; blues, greens and violets soften a room and make walls recede. Having cool jewel tones on the walls also makes space seem larger and makes the area feel warmer.

Painting all four walls a similar cool or neutral shade helps make a room look larger, but it can feel somewhat monotonous. For a way to break up the visual aesthetic, create an accent wall. An accent wall is painted a different but related shade than the other three walls in a room and can make your space look bigger. For example, having three gray walls and one white one can bring in additional light to the room and make it look bigger.

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