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Bathroom Design

The moment you walk into a commercial spa, its soothing atmosphere, low lighting and pastel, neutral or cool colors have a calming effect. You can feel the stress immediately begin peel away -- something you can easily replicate in your own bathroom with a few subtle decor touches. It doesn’t take much to create a spa-like bathroom if you choose a color palette that’s calm, soothing and relaxing. Well-placed candles, subtle fragrances and plush towels may make your bathroom retreat your favorite place when you're home.

Spas maximize their appeal by using color psychology in their palettes, with silky neutrals, welcoming pastels and cool colors. For small or large bathrooms, paint the walls in soft chamois, pale grasshopper, putty or even a tinted-with-white and toned-with-gray cypress. In small bathrooms, keep walls to your main color choice and contrast them with a slightly darker pigment on the trim, but in larger spaces, you might prefer a tinted cappuccino on the wall with contrasting dark brown trim, along with shelves filled with rolled-up snow-white Turkish towels. Certain colors have a calming effect, while others -- such as reds, bright yellows or even orange -- are more stimulating.

You don’t have to use expensive tiles; many ceramic tiles mimic the look of marble or granite. But for an all-out spa effect, install large tumbled travertine or small subway tiles on the floor, on the tub’s exterior and surround, and wainscoted partly up the wall. If you have a separate shower, add a system that indulges: dual or large rain shower heads, steam shower, body sprays or handheld shower controls -- it’s a personal choice and a budget-dominated one.

To create a relaxing environment, you want a clutter-free Zen-like space -- it doesn’t impinge on your head space, and gives you the feeling of mental expansiveness. Go through your bathroom; clean off the counters and shelves, and clean out the drawers to get rid of old makeup and items you no longer use. Find a place to hide away -- but keep in easy reach -- hair dryers, curling irons, brushes, cleaning supplies and bathroom paper products. Use baskets inside cupboards to store miscellaneous items, but bring your towels out of the closet and onto shelf display. A wire or woven basket attached to the wall vertically becomes a convenient spot to roll up towels and store them.

Add a dimmer switch to the bathroom’s main light or opt for a less bright bulb to reduce glare and create a relaxing effect. Add makeup lights around the mirror on a separate switch for getting ready in the morning. A sleek Smartphone speaker-docking station or wireless speakers allow you to enjoy your favorite streaming tunes while you relax in the tub. If it’s in your budget, opt for a spa or soaking tub; you can buy these in standard sizes to fit in the space of your existing tub. Just think of all the money you’ll save not going out to the spa.

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Wooden Flooring

Wooden flooring can be done in variety of species of wood e.g. Oak, beech, hard maple, birch. Also, there are various ways or methods involved in wooden flooring. Sometimes soft wood flooring is used, but hard wood flooring surpasses its advantages to another level. Oak is very popular for flooring as compared to the other types of woods available in the market.

A typical wood frame floor consists of an array of trusses, also called joists, at a measured spacing sheathed with wooden panels on the top surface. The wooden flooring system also incorporates beams, girders or headers to support the trusses.

The beams form the primary support member for wooden flooring framework and are made by joining different pieces of wood.

Installation of wooden floors can be done in three methods and the basis of choosing which method suits you depends on the type of flooring required i.e. engineered wood, solid wood or either laminate. Let’s see the description of the three methods of wooden flooring installations and their appropriateness.

It’s one of the most demanding methods of laying or installing a wooden floor and requires highly skilled people with specialized tools like a foot-nailed and so one needs to be a qualified professional. This method is possible only when there is a wooden sub-floor as nailing in concrete is practically not possible.

This kind of method is used mostly for laying solid wood floors. This is because solid wood is thicker and more prone to expansion and hence a glue-down method is not ideal for it. However, engineered wood is also favorable to the nail down method. Laminate flooring is unsuitable for this method.

One important thing to remember, for us is, that is the flooring is done over floorboards, the planks should be laid in the direction opposite to the floorboards to enhance its stability. A poly-foam underlay is recommended beneath in order to avoid squeaking and provide sound and thermal insulation.

The key to this method is laying the sub-floor on co-ordinates of stability and sound, other than successful installation. It incorporates the use of specialist adhesives, also called bonding agents to glue the wooden boards to the sub-floor.

One important note in this method of wooden flooring system is that we should only use flexible adhesives, as wood, be it any variety, has a property of expanding or contracting. For the same reason it is advisable to leave expansion joints around any fixed installation of wood.

This one is like a breather for those who believe in DIY kind of jobs, as it is the simplest form of wooden floor installation. Though it involves ‘Do it yourself’ propaganda, one needs to be really good at measuring and cutting.

Rather than fixing the floor boards to the sub-floor, you fix the panels or boards to each other and keep them floating. It is done by tongue and groove joinery, but this joint is fixed firmly by using a PVA adhesive.

There is also a click-lock system, where we don’t need an external adhesive as the boards get locked together. SO when the boards expand, the entire wooden floor expands as a whole unit. For this reason, an expansion gap is left around the periphery of the entire room, to accommodate any differences caused.

Ideally, Laminate flooring can be done using Floating floor installation technique. But, engineered wood is also possible using this technique. However, it is not a good option for solid wood flooring.

A wooden floor can be tailor-made and customized as per your pre-requisites and available resources by interior designer. We can make endless options and be innovative in our approach with respect to color, texture or look. And so, this is how wooden flooring is done!

Leather and wood furniture for a room

A cozy, homey room is the perfect space to relax after a hard day at work or to socialize with friends with a bottle of wine and a movie. Whether you want to create a more intimate feeling in a large room or transform a small room into a snug den, leather furniture is a good choice for creating that cozy feel. Combine leather with warm colors, plush fabrics and rich, dark wood to transform your room into an inviting, relaxing space.

Paint the walls with soft, earthy fall colors. Chocolate browns, burnt oranges, deep reds and rich yellows create a feeling of warmth and security. For a more rustic "log cabin" feel, cover the walls with wood paneling and use accessories to introduce the fall color palette.

Lay a thick, deep-pile carpet for a soft, warm feel underfoot. For a cozy rustic vibe, lay a wood floor with rich, deep hues and add rich, Persian-style rugs.

Create an intimate seating area by arranging the smaller sofas or chairs at right angles to the largest leather sofa. Place a rustic, dark wood coffee table on a large rug in the center of the seating area.

Add wood furniture with warm, deep undertones, such as redwood or mahogany. Search thrift stores, flea markets and antique shops for a bargain. In small rooms, use faux leather storage cube boxes. These are an attractive storage solution that complement the other leather items in the room and double as small side tables.

Create a cute reading area by fitting floor-to-ceiling shelves in one corner of the room. Add an overstuffed leather chair, small antique table and Tiffany tabletop lamp.

Fit dimmer switches to the main lighting in the room or use tabletop lamps for a softer, gentler light. Use Moroccan-style lamps to add a touch of exotic warmth to the room.

Pile cushions and throws on the sofas and chairs in a range of textures, fabrics and colors. Combine suede, leather, velvet, cotton and damask in fall-inspired colors. Add a splash of black to give depth to the color scheme and a touch of green for a really nature-inspired feel.

Colors for a room

When decorating or redecorating a space that may not be as large as you like, changing the wall color can create the illusion of extra size. While it does nothing to actually make the room bigger, it at least leaves your room looking and feeling less confined. Rearranging the furniture and adding mirrors help rooms look bigger, as well. With a combination of techniques, you can give a tiny studio apartment the look of a large loft.


Even small bedrooms can offer a homey and comfortable location to relax in after a long day of work. While small bedrooms present more challenges to the decorator because of the lack of space, being creative and thinking outside that small box turns boring, utilitarian rooms into havens of respite. To make your tiny bedroom seem bigger, incorporate a few tricks and tips to get the most out of it. You won't increase the actual square footage of your bedroom but with some expansive thinking, you can make your room feel and look larger than it actually is.

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Furniture for L shape living room

Although an L-shaped living room is a common design in one and two-bedroom apartments, it is difficult to decorate in terms of furniture placement and creating a cohesive design. While there are no set furniture placement rules, several design options will open up the room and connect all corners of the L-shaped living room. Some planning is necessary, as it needs to suit your existing furniture and space needs.

Write a list of the sections or rooms you plan to incorporate into the L-shaped living room. This layout lends itself well to combining two rooms, such as a living room with a dining room section or combining living room with an office. When you finish the list, choose a single focal point, such as your television or fireplace.

Place your couch or couches in the main corner of the L-shape on an angle or axis, so the couch or couches bring the room together rather than divide it. Place it across from the chosen focal point. Avoid placing large pieces of furniture up against the wall, as it tends to divide the room. Place the second-largest furniture pieces at a 90-degree angle from the focal point, creating a connection between the large piece of furniture and the focal point.

Add the dining room table or office desk to one corner of the L-shaped room, but place the main table or desk diagonally from the corner, so it matches the existing furniture in the room. The diagonal placement opens up that part of the L-shaped room, so it creates a cohesive design with the focal point and larger living room furniture.

Fill in smaller spaces in the living room with smaller items, such as coffee tables, ottomans, plants, floor lamps and dining room chairs or a desk chair. Avoid placing plants and floor lamps in the corner, as they become isolated compared to the other furniture in the room. Spread the floor lamps out so you have proper lighting in all the corners of the room.

Use repeated patterns or colors in the L-shaped living room to combine all furniture in the room, whether it is a dining room table or home office. Add similar wall pictures in the living room, placing vases or accessories on shelves or bookcases and adding pillows to couches and matching table mats on the dining room table.

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