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Interior Designer in Gurgaon

A design concept communicates ideas and a formulated plan for the design and decor of an interior space. Through visual presentations, an interior designer or decorator gives a client a better understanding of the room’s proposed overall feel and then provides samples of materials and a floor plan that will create that result. Use the same tools and methods to get professional-looking results and avoid costly mistakes when you are acting as your own decorator.

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Professional decorators must understand the client’s needs and lifestyle before they can put together a decorating plan. The decorator establishes the intended use of the room and who will be using it. Criteria such as pets and children are important when choosing items such as upholstery, flooring and furniture styles. Socialite clients who frequently entertain colleagues have different needs from a retired couple who like to spend their free time reading or crafting. For a do-it-yourself project, determine your budget and create two separate lists -- things you need for the room and things you want. Then determine which items are going to stay or remain the same and which ones need to go or be replaced or modified.


Also known as a concept board, a mood board is a collection of images that helps convey the mood, feel or atmosphere of the proposed decorating scheme. Interior Designer in Gurgaon, Interior Design Gurgaon.

Interior Designer in Gurgaon

Some designers avoid using images of furniture or room interiors because this could cause confusion or promote a false impression of the actual design scheme. It’s more of an abstract concept showing colors, patterns, forms and textures that influence the feel of the room and a generalized style, such as warm and comfortable, cool and relaxed, upscale and formal or earthy and organic.

A sample board helps bring the actual design project into focus. This display contains small samples of upholstery, fabrics, flooring, trim and paint color. It not only enables a client to get a tactile impression of the furnishings and finishes being proposed, it also provides a clear visualization of how these materials look and interact with one another.

Interior Designer in Gurgaon

Sample boards are valuable tools in helping to spot a material or finish that might not harmonize or flow with the other choices you’ve made. At this stage of the project, changes can be made before orders for materials are placed.

A floor plan helps you arrange the layout of the room, specifically the furniture arrangement. It’s an important tool to keep furniture in scale with the size of the room, knowing what will fit and finding the best layout both functionally and aesthetically. Floor plans can be created on ¼-inch graph paper, but most designers now use computer programs to create virtual 2-D and 3-D floor plans. This same technology is readily available to homeowners and D-I-Y decorators, who can use free online design tools to furnish and decorate rooms and then save, print or share their design ideas via email or social media.

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Interior Designer in Noida Extension

Interior Designer in Noida Extension

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In kitchen design, the cabinetry you choose will be one of the most high-impact choices you make for the space. Because cabinets are also one of the most expensive parts of a new kitchen, you'll want to make the right decision on cabinet color and finish. When working with wood cabinets, the choices for dark or light finish are nearly endless, but you can follow a few tips to decide what's right for you.

The kitchen cabinet color and design should reflect the feel of the rest of the house. In a Craftsman-style home, for example, you'll typically find dark wood moldings and trim, and in this case, dark wood kitchen cabinets might be the best choice. A beach, cottage-style home might look better with lighter or white wood cabinets. All of your kitchen decisions should feel like they flowed naturally from the rest of the space.

If the kitchen gets lots of natural light during the day, you have a little more freedom to choose dark or light kitchen cabinets. However, if you mostly rely on artificial light, like recessed or pendant lighting, and don't have access to many windows or skylights in your kitchen, you may want to choose a lighter wood color so that the entire space doesn't feel too dark. Lighter cabinet doors will bounce more light around, helping your new kitchen feel clean and bright.

If you've already made a flooring or counter top decision, use that to guide your kitchen cabinetry choice. Dark floors or dark counter tops should be paired with light or white cabinets and vice versa. In a kitchen with dark floors and dark cabinets, the eye has nowhere to rest and everything tends to blend together. Office, Office, Office, Office, Office.

Interior Designer in Gurgaon

If you're starting fresh in a brand new space, your cabinet color choice will have an impact on your flooring and counter top decisions later. If you can't find a wood color that appeals to you, paint the cabinets in any shade. Even the most high-end houses often boast painted cabinets and can feature cabinetry in literally any shade of the rainbow. Some designer kitchens feature a different color cabinet door on the top and the bottom cabinets, so your choices are not limited to dark or light wood.

Home remodeling can be a daunting job without some examples to follow to give you ideas for the planning process. Our home remodeling expert takes you on a tour of her recently remodeled house, showing you all the new features. 

Interior Designer in Gurgaon

Learn what planning took place to accomplish the completion of each new addition, and learn how to plan financially and creatively for your home remodeling’ll get home remodeling tips for every room of the house, including the bathroom, guest room, under-stair spaces, kitchen, and living area. Learn how to add interest to plain walls and display artwork with inlaid coves and niches. Remodeling your home may be easier than you think with these creative ideas to get you inspired.

A picture can easily brighten up any dull space in your house or apartment. It also can provide a conversation piece for visitors as well.

Interior Designer in Gurgaon

If the picture is relatively big or heavy, however, it may not hang completely straight. If this is the case with your picture, consider a few things you can do to straighten it up and keep it at the proper level. Interior Designer in Gurgaon, Interior Decorator in Gurgaon, Interior Design Gurgaon.

Go over color and finish options. Decide if you want to change your wall color at the same time that you paint or refinish your cabinets. Go to home-improvement stores and study wood finishes, ranging from light maple to dark walnut. Envision how you want your finished kitchen to look.

Examine the existing cabinets in detail. Go over all aspects of the cabinetry to make sure they're sturdy enough to keep several years longer.

Paint or refinish the cabinets and doors, according to the look you've decided on. Remove doors and drawers and move them to an area where you can work on them. Sand the surfaces, and apply paint or stain. After you've done the doors and drawers, move into the kitchen and paint or stain the cabinet frames.

Weigh your options for making the cabinets even more interesting. Swap two or so doors for those with glass fronts, for example. Add new pulls and handles. Interior Designer in Gurgaon.

For an entirely different look, remove the doors from the upper cabinet frames entirely, and keep your upper storage open. Paint both the upper frames and the the lower cabinets black or a similar sophisticated color for an overall contemporary look

We provide Interactive, highly professional, innovative and dedicated services all over Gurgaon and Delhi ncr. Interioratoz trasforms your dreams and abstract ideas into full-fledged tangible ones, we also specialize in customized furniture’s and appliances, completely based on your preferences and choices. In our design & solution we prefer to use new technology and material must be. we take care all things after knowing your needs in your home. 

interior designer in gurgaon

Open concept floor plans are popular in modern home design. They result in wide open spaces where one living space flows into the next. An open concept kitchen and living room area is often referred to as a great room, and choosing paint colors for it can be a challenge. With the myriad of color choices available to you, deciding which ones will work best with your design style can be mind boggling. But before you settle on that old stand by, white, take the time to learn about choosing color.

Unite the kitchen and living room. Paint the area with one color. Choose a neutral color to unite the rooms without overwhelming the furnishings and architectural elements.

Interior designer in Gurgaon

Apply shades of the same color. Choose a main color. Consult paint swatches for two lighter shades of the same color. Paint the one area with the main color. Use the middle color in the other space. Highlight architectural features with the lightest shade.

Interior Designer in Gurgaon

Select three complementary colors. Look at a color wheel to see the colors that are across from each other. These are complementary colors and not shades of the same color. One complementary color will be a warm color like orange. The color opposite it will be a cool color like blue. Choose lighter shades of complementary colors for a quiet mood and deeper shades for more impact. Consider other colors in the room. Look at the colors of the kitchen cabinets, the moldings and architectural features like fireplace mantels and columns. Take into consideration upholstery and furniture colors, and choose colors that complement rather than clash with them.Interior Designer in Gurgaon

Choose colors that go with your decorating style. For example, you might opt for a gray-blue, colonial red and mustard color scheme for a country space, where as a great room with a Tuscan flair calls for earth tones like golds and muted greens.

Interior designer in Gurgaon

Highlight window trim or architectural features like columns with a bright color such as primary blue. Paint the adjoining wall a light shade of orange. Tone down shades of one color or two complementary colors by adding white to your color scheme. Use it on things like wainscoting and finish off the wall in one of the other colors. Paint the ceiling and window and door trim white.

Your bedroom is your personal retreat, the place you go to rest and recharge. While the bedroom is often one of the last spaces in the home to receive a decorative overhaul, it is one of the most satisfying rooms in the house to redesign. What constitutes a perfect bedroom is a matter of personal taste, but there are several factors that all great bedrooms have in common.

A high-quality mattress can make the difference between a "so-so" night's sleep and a great night's rest. The perfect bedroom includes a well-constructed mattress that provides you with the sleep surface that best meets your physical needs and preferences. Take your time with mattress shopping and test as many different types of mattresses as possible. Even if buying a quality mattress means forgoing an elaborate bed, always opt for the nicer mattress.

Lighting, both natural and artificial, plays a big role in creating ambiance in a bedroom. Take advantage of all the natural light you can by installing window treatments that open fully during the day to allow in light. Add lamps to any dark corners of the room, banishing shadows.Interior designer in Gurgaon

The ideal bedroom has enough light to make it feel cheery and spacious and plenty of extra light for activities such as a reading. The perfect bedroom uses color as a decorative tool. Perhaps more than any other element, color sets the tone for a room, creates a mood and evokes emotion. Warm colors such as red, orange and yellow usher energy and excitement into a space.

Bright yellow has been shown to make babies fussy, and red and orange have been proven to stimulate appetite. If you want a high-energy, fun bedroom, opt for a warm color palette. Cool colors like blue, green and lilac are considered tranquil and calming.

Interior Designer in Gurgaon

The color blue has been shown to increase concentration skills, and as a primary color in nature, green is found to evoke feelings of relaxation. The perfect bedroom includes a color palette full of hues that promote the atmosphere you desire. Space is a luxury in many bedrooms, but the ideal bedroom provides enough space to install the furniture you use on a daily basis, with enough room to move around freely.

Soft furnishings, such as bedding, window treatments and area rugs, provide polish to a room and serve as decorative finishes. You know that the soft furnishings are perfect when they are aesthetically pleasing to you and help to create the design theme you were aiming for.


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Interior designer can help you to give “WOW’’ factor in your Interior. They are creatively motivated for execute your imagination with innovative way to create Excellence for you. Our designer can create a one-of-a-kind, beautiful and personal design that will serve you and give you pleasure and pride for years to come.

Interior Designer in Gurgaon

Interioratoz provides Turnkey Interior solution in Gurgaon and delhi ncr. From design to handover we give step by step complete professional interior solution in all over Gurgaon. Our interior designer can make your space function more effectively for your needs. Our interior designer put himself in you shoes and take care each and every things as you take care yourself. Interior Designer in Gurgaon.

interior designer in gurgaon

Interior Designer in Gurgaon

Interior Designer in Gurgaon

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