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It can be challenging to decorate an apartment, as you want to include all of your personal items in the apartment. The key to decorating an apartment is storage and utilizing storage possibilities in tables and empty corners. The overall goal when decorating an apartment is to aim for a well-lit and clean apartment that allows you to move around and add decorations without giving the apartment a cluttered feel.

Create a color palette or a theme that you want in your apartment. This theme or color selection will help you decide on your furniture, fabrics and even decorations for the apartment. Each time you see something you like, place it beside your chosen theme or colors to determine whether or not it fits into the theme. The apartment can end up looking random and cluttered if the items do not match the theme. 

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Interior Designer in Greater Noida

Use storage units, such as shelving units, drawers and cabinets, to store your smaller items. If you live in a smaller apartment, use a coffee table that also functions as a storage box, for example. These dual-function solutions can help you save space and money when decorating your apartment and are ideal solutions for small items, like DVDs, magazines and games. Place larger items, such as jackets, shoes, vacuums and sporting equipment, in closets or in storage facilities on the property.

Add proper lighting to the space without using larger lighting fixtures like chandeliers and hanging lights. Instead, use floor lamps, table lamps or ceiling lights that are fixed directly to the ceiling. This will help save space and light up the entire apartment, so it looks well-lit and larger due to the lighting.


Place smaller furniture in the apartment, such as two love-seat sofas and a chair instead of a corner couch. Having smaller furniture in your apartment makes the room look larger, due to the use of many smaller items compared to a few large ones. Instead of adding a large coffee table, add two square tables that have storage underneath them.

Use corners to create corner storage or a corner desk for working. Corners are often underestimated in terms of usage and are often left empty. Install a corner desk if you need working space or create a corner storage shelf for books, movies or even an entertainment unit.

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Interior Designer in Noida Extension

Interior Designer in Noida Extension

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A modern office interior decoration should offer decoration and amenities that encourage employees to be more productive. A metal desk, putty-gray filing cabinets and a wastebasket do little to add to efficiency. By contrast, variations in light, color, and texture offer relief from the monotony of basic office interior decoration. Office interior decoration should include comfortable work zones and furniture that's adapted to the use and needs of the office user. Work with the user when designing the interior of an office. Office interior decoration is more than just hanging a few posters on the wall. When you're choosing decorative items for your office interior decoration, it's important to select elements that have universal appeal and reflect the personality of your company. Whether you're self-employed or decorating an office for your staff, there are several ideas you can use to create an attractive space, without spending a fortune.

Whether your office is at home or a cubicle at work, making it feel like your own is important. Before making any decisions about office interior decoration, think about the style you are going for and what components are acceptable in your particular workplace. Think about other offices interior decoration you have seen and what you liked about them. Keep in mind that all office interior decorations should be tasteful and professional.

Where you work and how it looks directly affect the type of work you do in that place. That's why highly creative corporations usually have highly creative office interior decoration, as it can subconsciously influence and inspire the mind. It also may, sadly, be why the decor of old government buildings and factories are rather drab, as whoever designed them may have thought little inspiration was needed to do those jobs. It's important to give employees something to keep them interested in their work, and good office interior decoration helps.Whether you work at home or in a corporation, office interior decoration can make your working life much more pleasurable. For a home office, you’ll have more freedom to decorate according to your likes and dislikes. Outside the home, if you’re decorating your own office, you may have to follow some corporate guidelines.If you spend your workdays in an office, you know that comfortable work zones and an efficient layout promote good work habits. Colors, texture and light also play an important role. Most offices interior decoration shares the same basics--a desk, a chair and a file cabinet. Office interior decoration doesn’t need to be dull and utilitarian. Leave your design open for personalization. Start with these ideas to decorate offices and then modify each space for the needs of the office user.

When you step into a professional work space, you immediately notice not just the employees but their surroundings. Choosing the right office decoration doesn't just make things "look nice"---it can positively affect visitors' opinions of a company. It can also affect employee productivity and even employee health. Even if you have no input over the overall office interior decoration, there are ways for you to customize your personal space. Office interior decoration does not have to be dull and boring, and there are ways to have a stylish office interior decoration while maintaining a professional appearance. Office interior decoration does not have to be time-consuming or expensive. Office interior decoration can even boost employee morale.

There are many opinions and preferences regarding office interior decoration, an employer will often give you freedom to decorate your office in your own way. As you begin planning your workspace transformation, you should keep several things in mind: budget, organization and professionalism.

Make sure to do your research on what your company's policies are with regard to office interior decoration set-up and décor. In many organizations, the company may use existing furniture in your new space and may decide not to purchase new furniture. However, if you are permitted to select your own furniture, take your specific needs into account. For example, think about how much storage space and shelving you need. If you host meetings, consider the number of attendees and plan for chairs. At the same time, the company may give you a budget for office interior decoration ---this alone will limit your furniture selection. Along with furniture selection comes the topic of space limitations. If your company is contracted with an office supply vendor, make an appointment for the sales representative to measure your new office interior decoration. Inform her of your needs, and allow her to draft a plan for what will fit into your new office. Not only will this save you time, it will also save you the time and expense that will occur should you have to return items that do not fit. Additionally, your office space may require fresh paint; if so, keep it simple and choose a neutral color that will match any flooring color or furniture upholstery. 

Take an inventory of things you might need like a bulletin board or a white board; if you need both, ensure that the frames match each other and, if possible, your office furniture. Consider where those items will be placed on walls and how large they should be. Plan where necessary items will be placed, such as your computer, printer, phone or any other equipment.
The secret to keeping a tidy work space is being organized. Although your company may provide you with standard office and desk supplies, office supply stores have dozens of desk organizers and planners from which to choose. When possible, select a desk with ample drawer space for things like hanging files or extra office supplies so that you can keep as much out of sight as possible. A neat office is an inviting office.

Keeping your office looking professional may be the most important of all, as your office provides a snapshot of who you are as a worker. If you decide to purchase your own desk accessories that are different from standard black, make sure that they coordinate with each other and that they maintain an appropriate level of professionalism. For example, if you are a lawyer, do not pick out desk accessories with children's crayons on them; this does not suit the type of office in which you work. However, something like that would work if you are an elementary school teacher.

Interior Designer in Greater noida

Interior designers use their skills to make interior spaces appealing and functional. They work with clients and other design professionals to understand how the interior space will be used and what the ambience should represent. To be successful as an interior designer, you need education, communication skills and a bit of innate creativity.

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Most employers and clients prefer an interior designer who completed a formal education program, and interior designers can earn an associate, bachelor's or master’s degrees in interior design. Many programs are accredited by organizations such as the National Association of Schools of Art and Design, the Council for Interior Design and the National Kitchen and Bath Association. Some states require a license to practice professionally, which typically requires passing the National Council for Interior Design Qualification exam.


Interior designers should possess strong creative and artistic skills to make their designs aesthetically pleasing for their clients. They select a variety of colors, textiles, fabrics and interior furnishings with the clients’ interests and tastes in mind. Although many design aesthetics are learned through education and training, a natural creative talent helps interior designers to be successful.


To successfully find clients and understand their needs, interior designers require excellent interpersonal skills. Interior designers often work with a variety of other professionals to design and construct interior spaces. They must effectively communicate with architects, and contractors -- everyone involved with design projects -- to be successful.

The bedroom is a place you should be able to relax, rest and sleep well. The space, therefore, should be simple, clean and uncluttered. Ban all the unnecessary items and focus on the essentials – comfy pillows, soft bedding, good light for reading, small bedside table to keep your books and water carafe, and a basket for magazines, books or an extra blanket. Create a space where you can rest your eyes and calm your mind – white walls and no busy patterns. alt

Small spaces can feel bigger with the right furniture. Choose the smallest bed you are comfortable in. A bed too big for the room will overwhelm the space. If you can, get rid of the dresser or go to a smaller one. Organize your closet and hang as many clothes as you can; store sweaters you only wear occasionally under the bed. Choose nightstands with drawers, which becomes a good place for your delicate.

To keep the spa feel in any room, adequate storage is a must. Under-bed storage, closet systems that maximize space and dual purpose furniture all help to keep your things in the proper place. Remove items belonging to another room. Computers, toys and other household items will decrease from the relaxing feel of your master bedroom.

Whichever decor you choose, use accessories to add personal style to any room. In a small space, keep it simple. Overdoing on accessories will make a small space feel cluttered. Simple framed photographs or artwork will add dimension to the space without adding chaos.

L shape master bedroom

An L-shaped master bedroom poses decorating challenges because of the nontraditional shape. However, the L-shape does lend itself in creating two different areas in your bedroom, expanding what you can do with it. The bedroom can be combined into a sitting room that offers a retreat from the rest of the home or an office area, depending on how you want to approach the room. Working carefully, you can create a master bedroom that you will truly enjoy.

Paint the walls a color that you find soothing and relaxing. In the smaller section of the L-shape, paint a complementary color that is darker or lighter to further separate the area from the traditional portion of your bedroom.

Place the bed against the top of the L-shape. This will help to separate the two areas from each other even more. Put nightstands or end tables on either side of the bed to store books and alarm clocks. This prevents your room from getting too cluttered.

Choose a chest of drawers for the room. Select a tall chest of drawers to put along the wall near your bed, and a low set to go across the bottom or underneath a window on the far end of the room where the L-shape ends.

Place a chest or small sofa at the end of the bed depending on your storage needs and personal preference. The chest can store extra linen and blankets and still serve as a seating area for your room.

Lay down an area rug in the alcove portion of the L-shaped room. The area rug will help to separate the space from the rest of the room.

Arrange the furniture in the alcove section to your liking. If you have a desk, arrange it to face the window or the far wall so that it is even more separated from your bedroom. If you are creating a sitting area, two comfortable chairs with a table and lamp in between will furnish a relaxing space.

Hang pictures above your bed and in the sitting or office area of your room. Hang a mirror across from a window to create a feeling of more space and to brighten the room during the day.

Pick drapes that complement the room. Drapes that hang to the floor will help the room appear more spacious. If you have furniture under the window, choose curtains that only hang as long as the window.

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