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Living room design by an interior Designer

Living room design by an interior Designer

Interior designer

A formal living room is a room where you receive and entertain guests. An informal living room is used for the family to watch television and relax. The living room and great room are not the same room. These two rooms serve many very different social functions. Some things that can be found in a living room are a couch, chair, and tables, and lamps. Pictures, rugs, and televisions are also found in living rooms. One popular explanation is that the "Living room" came about after the custom of displaying the bodies of the deceased in the parlor was discontinued and a new name for this room was created to distinguish it from that former custom as a room for the living only. Flooring is major factor when it comes to design your living room should clean. How you do the floors to make impression on guests. Choose floor that meet your requirements of design, color and material. Flooring should be comfortable to use, easy to maintain, durable and cost effective. With many flooring options you need to know which is best suited to you and your home interior. Living room can mean different things to different people. Usually a living room consist of a couch, coffee table, in tables, art work. On walls, a couple chairs, a book shelf maybe, a area rug. It is when you live in a home that only has one room which is your bedroom, kitchen, and your living and eating area. So it is a room that is supposed to be the whole house to you. It could be a nice living but it could get very irritating because you have nothing to do and that is what a one-room living. Well, it depends on what style you like, or what style the house is. For example if you have a modern house then you would want a minimalist room with simple colors and modern furniture, some good shops for that would be dwell, habitat, heals etc. While if you have a more modern furniture wouldn't really suit that, you would want warm colors and more shabby chic furniture. A living space has to have access to a bathroom within a certain distance of the room. Finished basements or attics are not considered living spaces if they do not have a bathroom on the same floor. Unfair, but true in most states. Although, you should always mention the finished basement or attic in the description because it does increase the value of the house. It is just not considered in the square footage. Depending on the size of the finished room and upgrades, it can add thousands onto the value of the home. A realtor should be able to help with this. Also if selling a home, take snap shots of the finished room and add to the description, brag about any upgrades like carpet, shelves, closets etc. Most home buyers do not care if there is a bathroom in a basement that looks like a real. You can light a living room with wall sconces, ceiling lights, table lamps and floor lamps. If lighting fixtures are not installed in your living room, you have the freedom to decorate for task lighting and interior design. Wall lights and floor lamps give you focused light for reading or other tasks that require concentrated light. To illuminate a room, you need direct and indirect lighting. You can choose ceiling lights such as pendant lamps or ceiling lights or chandeliers. This give you light from above. The light comes from the ceiling and pours downward. Floor lamps throw light upwards towards the ceiling. Floor lamps are sometimes arched with swing arms. These are portable and can be moved to where task light is needed. Table lamps pour light downwards the table surface. You can even place LED candle lights on tables to serve as accessories. To be quite honest it's your choice where you put your shoes. It's your house therefore it's your choice and you shouldn't let people tell you otherwise. Shoes can go in the toilet or wherever but much rather them outside. But that's just me speaking. There are many programs for computers that will allow you to move the furniture about to see if they fit and how they look before doing so, as well as help you in designing new looks for your home. Although it's not necessary to have sofa table in the living room but having one puts a nice touch in the decor. I always like to have one so I can put some flowers or some candles for a romantic moment. The term living room really means that the many miscellaneous activities that are part of your life at home, other than the specialized functions that take place in the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, or dining room, will be left for the living room. This may sound obvious but a living room is the place in a house where you spend most of your waking, leisure, family time. I suppose it could be called the hub of the house. The physical location is immaterial. It could be a kitchen diner. It could be a bed sitting room. It is where you 'live' as a family, or individual. You are asking what the common essential pieces are in traditional living room, they include, adequate seating in the form of a couch (or sofa) and chair(s), a "coffee" or other table to go in front of the couch for drinks, magazines, candles,flowers, or whatever you wish to put there, adequate lighting for reading and other tasks which may hang from the ceiling or be placed on small tables next to the seating; artwork and photographs on the walls; shelving for books, games, and decorative items; and usually, but not necessarily, some form of entertainment such as a TV or stereo for listening to music. In some cases, you may want or need a desk or computer station. If you have children, a receptacle to neatly store their toys. If the flooring is wood or tile, you may want to have a soft, decorative rug either under the coffee table, or in the open where the children can sit. Begin to pick out your favorite photos, and then decide on your color scheme first. If you want to change your wall color,this would be a good time to do it. Then choose the style of the most important pieces and plan a budget for buying them. You can collect the less essential pieces over time as you are able to afford them; and this will give you an opportunity to find interesting things that you really love. When shopping for furniture, don't worry about your budget when you first begin looking. Have a list and how much you can spend on each item, look for the best quality option, take note of its important features and, if you cannot afford it, keep moving to less expensive stores until you find something within your budget. You want to invest the most money in the pieces that will be more expensive to replace later, and be more playful and open-minded about the others.

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Living room design by an interior Designer

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