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A modular kitchen in Lajpat Nagar could have one of several different cabinet plans, depending on how you will use it. You can design a modular Kitchen in Lajpat Nagar for cooking only, or a multi-functional kitchen where you will cook, serve food and entertain guests. Issues such as the appliances you will use and their location, the design of a center island and the counter layout will determine where your cabinets go. Decide which counter layout you prefer: an open plan galley layout a U-shaped or an L-shaped layout.


When designing a modular Kitchen in Lajpat Nagar for commercial use, consider a few important factors. Size is key in a restaurant or other food service facility, and the ability to install proper ventilation is important. Factor in enough storage space. Think about aspects of modular Kitchen in Lajpat Nagar design beyond the obvious to get the most out of your space and make it a good place to work.


Modular kitchens in Lajpat Nagar contain all the latest appliances and gadgets and are structured for maximum efficiency. Most modular kitchens in Lajpat Nagar include an eating area that often is situated on a counter with stools arranged around it. Modular kitchens in Lajpat Nagar allow the cook to interact with guests while preparing the meal and cleaning up. In a Modular Kitchen in Lajpat Nagar, openness and ease of use are the keys. Previously unattractive items such as trash disposals and dishwashers are given new fronts so they blend in with the rest of the décor. While no two kitchens are exactly alike, modular kitchens in Lajpat Nagar share many of the same features


In the L-kitchen, the cabinets occupy two adjacent walls. Again, the work triangle is preserved, and there may even be space for an additional table at a third wall, provided it does not intersect the triangle.


A U-kitchen has cabinets along three walls, typically with the sink at the base of the "U". This is a typical work kitchen, too, unless the two other cabinet rows are short enough to place a table at the fourth wall

Architects specialize in designing an area. One good reason to use an architect is that their insight and overall approach leaves the door open for expansion. A commercial kitchen designer may give you a working plan based on your operating experience. An architect can look at your current operation and design your kitchen to function efficiently and effectively. He can allow you the options of growing at the pace you set in your existing space. Later, you can change what you have into another location or multiple locations as the case may require.


Kitchen cabinet colors


Picking kitchen cabinet colors can be a big decision. You may have paint chips & swatches taped up all over your kitchen. Since you will probably have to paint several coats, you want to make sure you get the color right the first time. There is nothing worse than finishing a project that took several weeks only to discover that you hate the finished result. Here is how to pick kitchen cabinet colors that you will love for years to come





Base your kitchen cabinet colors around a subtle theme. This doesn't mean that your kitchen has to end up looking like a tacky restaurant. Instead follow the lead of Trading Spaces designers & look at food or flowers for your inspiration. It might seem like a kitchen based around a lemon would be too bright. However, if you cut open a lemon you will notice that there are many tones of yellow & even white. Stop thinking of an asparagus as being just green & really look to the things surrounding you for inspiration.



Keep it neutral. After you finish painting your cupboards, you will probably never want to do it again. So, choose kitchen cabinet colors that will work with a lot of different styles. This way you won't have to repaint when your decorating sensibilities change in a few years. This also ensures that if you need to sell your house you probably won't need to go through all of that work again.



Think of the kitchen cabinet colors en mass. Bright turquoise might be your favorite color so it seems like a fantastic idea to slap it on the cupboards. However, you probably have more cabinet space than you do wall space in your kitchen. This means that bright color will be the dominate one in the room & it will probably seem overwhelming. Instead, use a funky color on the window treatments, light fixture or get a new set of fun dishes.



White is a classic color for kitchen walls and cabinets since it can be paired with bold hues or softer, pastel shades. Bright white looks good with other eye-catching colors like Kelly green or sunshine yellow; these shades can be used to paint the cabinet handles or the kitchen backsplash. The same colors in pastel form, such as pistachio green and light yellow, complement a white kitchen as well; a yellow gingham tablecloth for the breakfast nook or white cabinets lined in pastel green will make the kitchen inviting with modest splashes of color.


Taupe or Tan

A neutral color scheme in the kitchen, particularly when a color like tan or taupe is the shade of the cabinets and walls, means you can decorate with metallic shades for an elegant and slightly monochromatic look. Or you can opt for a couple of striking shades that look good with brown, like navy blue or eggplant. For instance, taupe cabinets look particularly attractive with bronze handles or a bronze paint border. Dark purple area rugs and decorative china in dark blue against tan walls are particularly noticeable but not too overwhelming. Additional brown accents like tablecloths and vases can also be accented with a chocolate brown table runner or bronze synthetic flowers for a more sophisticated kitchen.


Red is an energizing color that increases the appetite, so it's the ideal color for the walls in your kitchen. Painting the cabinets red is also a bold yet smart decorative idea, especially if you have black or silver accents in the space. A striking cherry red for the larger kitchen cabinets is best if you want to "wake up" the kitchen area and have appliances that are a neutral shade. A darker shade of red, like cranberry or burgundy, is a sophisticated color addition to the kitchen; a burgundy accent wall is complementary to dark brown kitchen furniture.



Using yellow as the main color in the kitchen makes the area bright, cheery and welcoming. Off white or cream decorations, like plates or a mosaic backsplash, look good against a lemon yellow wall; black trim or handles are ideal in a kitchen where pastel yellow is the feature color. Add yellow kitchen accents, like a mixer or blender, against a black or gray counter to spread the color throughout the space. A bouquet of yellow roses on the kitchen table to match the accent wall or cabinets are a demure addition and a symbol of friendship that will make your loved ones feel especially comfortable.

Light Blue

Robin's egg or pewter blue is a pretty pairing with cabinets that are an intense chocolate color. Blue and brown provide a combination of calm and coziness to the kitchen, and this subdued shade of blue on the counters and wall is attractively noticeable, but makes the cabinets the feature. Dark toffee-colored cabinetry looks even more striking with grayish blue shades such as slate blue. Adding light blue decorative dishes to the tops of dark cabinet sets adds a sense of sophistication and comfort, and still draws attention to the wooden cabinets.



Cream or off-white counters and walls will make dark brown or gray-black wooden cabinetry the main attraction in the kitchen. Black and white are always a classic color pairing, and making a shade of near white the main neutral color in a kitchen with dark cabinets means you can add small splashes of bright color without overwhelming the space. For instance, electric blue or turquoise dish towels are striking against dark gray cabinets and make the lightly colored walls appear less drab. Warm colors such as neon orange will add even more warmth to the deep brown tones of the cabinets, and give the room an enthusiastic feel


Keep accessories to a minimum in modern design. This is perfect for a small kitchen where space is at a premium. Keep your countertops free of clutter so you can use every square inch of countertop as a work surface. Store appliances in cupboards for a cleaner look. If you have a brightly colored mixer display it on a sturdy floating shelf for added color in the room. Use magnet strips on the wall to store knives and metal spice jars while giving your space modern style.



Appliances may dwarf a small kitchen. Consider slightly smaller appliances to free up space. Space-saving appliances often appear in condos or rentals and are fully functional. Stainless steel is popular in modern kitchens but black or white appliances will also blend into a modern color palette if you're working on a budget.


Make a 1/2-inch-scale drawing of your kitchen room. Draw the 24-inch-deep counter areas according to the counter layout you have chosen. If you plan to have one, add the outline of a center island. Select the stove, refrigerator and sink you will use. Make scale cutouts of each and position them on the design. The counter areas without sink, stove and refrigerator cutouts will become your base cabinets.



Choose a Cabinet Type

Frameless cabinets, sometimes called "Euro cabinets," have faces (the drawer fronts and cabinet doors) with a minimum of detail, producing a contemporary look. Face-frame cabinets, as the name suggests, have face frames separate from cabinet carcasses. Within the outer face frame, individual drawers and doors have their own frames. This results in a more traditional look. Make this decision early, because the two cabinet types have entirely different construction methods.

Upper Cabinets

The design of your upper cabinets will match the basic look of the base cabinets, but you have some choices. You can pair a laminate frameless base cabinet with upper cabinets in the same laminate color. Alternatively, select frameless glass doors for the upper cabinets, in either clear or milk white. Traditional face-frame base cabinets can also have matching upper cabinet faces. Alternatively, you can select glass center panels that fit into the upper cabinet door frames. The glass panels could be etched or sand-blasted.


Flooring is an important aspect of commercial kitchen design. Floors should be durable and easy to clean. Employees should find them safe and comfortable.

Ceramic tile and painted concrete arei durable choices that you can personalize for commercial kitchen floors. Both ceramic tile and concrete are easily cleaned with a mop each day, and the materials hold up to the high traffic and abuse in a busy kitchen. Slip-resistant paint additives may be applied to paint on concrete to minimize the risk of slips and falls. Some styles of ceramic tile also have a slightly grainy finish to help prevent accidents.

Lay rubber flooring to increase comfort and safety. Install safety mats over areas where cooks will be standing for long periods of time and in places where spills are likely. Rubber flooring adds another degree of safety in accident-prone areas and also reduces impact on feet and joints of workers.


Implement Proper Lighting

Lighting can have a large effect on how your kitchen looks and feels and should not be underestimated. Incorporating the correct lighting can be difficult, however, especially for those who are not familiar with the many different effects that can be achieved with various types of lighting. Strive to incorporate as much overhead lighting as possible, which is best done in the form of either recessed or track lighting. Additionally, you can add more light to a room by placing lamps in various areas. Try adding a lamp to each corner, which can have a dramatic effect on the room's appearance.


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