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You can easily stay within a limited budget when decorating anything, especially a small apartment in Delhi. Creativity and a sharp eye for bargains is all that you need to decorate a small apartment in Delhi on the cheap.

Look at your apartment in Delhi as a single space. Think about how you like to feel in your apartment in Delhi, and recognize that to achieve a comfortable balance you may need to stretch your comfort zone. White walls and ceilings often make a room feel cold and unfinished, and everything is visible against a white background. Think in terms of painting your walls to absorb some of the visual clutter that every room generates. Paint your walls. Create focal walls and decorate the focal wall with strong wallpaper.

Creative ideas to decorate a small apartment in Delhi can be quite economical and reflect personal style.

Decorating a small apartment in Delhi on a budget can be fun. It's a chance to get creative and experiment. The most important thing to remember is that the decor of the apartment in Delhi should reflect the owner`s personal style.

Keeping some simple tips in mind, you can make your space appear larger, allow yourself some breathing room and give yourself a place you don't mind coming home to.

Your apartment in Delhi has to live big when they must serve many functions. In a small apartment in Delhi, the living and bedroom spaces are the same, so everything from entertaining to sleeping has to take place in one area. This demands creativity when making your critical furniture choices. The upside is you won't need much furniture; the downside is that you will need multifunctional furniture and it will cost more. By making thoughtful choices your apartment in Delhi can live big.  

Decorating a small apartment in Delhi to make it look big requires clever innovations and thinking outside the box. Light colors, small furniture and keeping the surfaces clear of clutter are simple decorating techniques often used by professionals when faced with the challenge of limited space.

Using cheap and cute ways to decorate not only ensures you adhere to your budget, but that you also give your apartment in Delhi a fresh look. Apartment decorating ideas make use of items you already own, as well as cheap finds.

Furnishing an apartment in Delhi can seem like a big task when you are starting out. While you may have a motley collection of books, electronics and linens, many people find themselves with little else as they embark on life on their own.

Decorating your apartment in Delhi on a budget can be challenging, but there are cheap solutions if you know where to look and what to do with what you find. Refurbish old furniture with a coat of paint or a layer of fabric. Create a headboard from discarded windows and decorate the walls with original art. A little imagination and sweat equity goes a long way toward turning cheap decorating solutions into charming designs for your apartment in Delhi.

Furnishing an apartment in Delhi can be a fun and exciting task, especially if this is your first apartment in Delhi. But whether you are moving out on your own for the first time or moving into what seems like the hundredth dwelling of this kind, selecting the items that will fill your humble abode can make all the difference and go a long way towards turning a living space into an apartment in Delhi.


Evaluate the Space for an apartment in Delhi

 Take a look around your new surroundings, and make a list of its aesthetic pros and cons. Does it have big windows but low ceilings? Great wood floors but a boxy, square feel? While emphasizing positive qualities takes little or no effort, counteracting undesirable elements is a bit harder.

Brighten up dark rooms with light-colored walls, sheer curtains and plenty of plants. Mirrors also help by reflecting light and limiting the appearance of shadows. Opt for blinds instead of shades on your windows, and choose minimal lampshades with a translucent effect.

If the place is small, go with pale, cool colors, and fill the space with as little furniture as possible. Instead of a free-standing bookcase, for instance, try a shelf that's mounted to the wall with brackets. Also, if your room is really small, avoid busy patterns on items like curtains.

If your place has low ceilings, use up-tilting lamps to cast as much light on it as possible. Paint the ceiling a shimmery, satiny, pale color, and do the walls a shade or so darker. Draw attention to the bottom half of the room with floor cushions, interesting rugs and low-to-the-ground seating.

Every decorating project must begin with an assessment of the space. Think first about how the space is going to be used. It is suggested that an apartment in Delhi dwellers consider how to combine space. For instance, is it possible to incorporate a dining niche into the living room space or even double the living room area as a guest bedroom? “If this is the case, a sleep sofa would be a good idea.

Beyond the size dimensions of each room, consider what your landlord will allow. Is paint an option? Check the lease to avoid charges down the road. Can you replace flooring? Obtain the necessary permissions first. And what about hanging pictures on interior walls? Discuss the options with the leasing agent before that wall mount is in place.

Lastly, visualize your desired result and imagine your dream space before you get started.

Sprucing Up Small Spaces

Space is often the biggest challenge for apartment dwellers. Clear out the clutter with space-saving decor that also makes each room feel homey and open.

Free up kitchen counters by using unused space on walls, under counters and even the ceiling. Buy two-in-one appliances, mount small appliances under cabinets and install a knife strip or steel bar with S hooks to hang a spice rack or utensils.

Just because the usable space in an apartment in Delhi may be smaller than a home, it doesn’t mean the decor has to suffer. Assuming that the walls will be white or off-white. Adding some color to the living room by incorporating upholstered furniture pieces, especially a sofa placed against the wall. Window treatments will also add some fashion flare to an apartment.

One of the easiest and least expensive decorating techniques that make an apartment feel like a home is hanging framed photos.


Size of an apartment in Delhi

The size of an apartment in Delhi can play a huge role in how it is furnished. Many apartments in Delhi have one joined living and dining room. If you don't have a study, this could also be the only area available to you for a desk or work area. In situations like this, it is important to prioritize. If you don't serve a lot of large meals and live either alone or with just one other person, you may be able to forgo a dining room table altogether and simply use bar stools set at a counter. If you have a laptop, you might be able to use your computer sitting on the couch and won't need a desk. Size can cause issues in bedrooms as well. Some may not have any room leftover once you put a queen-sized bed in them. In situations like this, closets can be a lifesaver. Depending on the size and shape of your closet, you might consider placing a dresser or additional shelving inside to compensate for a lack of space in an apartment in Delhi. There are also tricks for furnishing a small apartment in Delhi to make it look bigger. Avoid pushing all the furniture up against walls. Bringing pieces into the center of the room and using unique angels can make a room appear much larger.


Organization is key when decorating an apartment in Delhi. If your space isn't organized, you'll never know where anything is and your apartment won't have the most space for your money. Use closets, attics and basements to your advantage by storing things in labeled, airtight containers. Purchase inexpensive storage systems for closets, kitchens and other spaces at thrift stores, yard sales and church fundraiser sales. These systems will give you designated places for things like clothes, accessories, shoes, toys, makeup, rarely used kitchen utensils, umbrellas, hats and gloves.

 When considering decorating ideas for a small apartment in Delhi, space is definitely at a premium. Use create furniture options along with wall art to create added storage space and keep the apartment from being cluttered.

Types of an apartment in Delhi

There are as many variations on apartments in Delhi as there are on homes. You may have a studio, a one bedroom or more bedrooms. Your apartment in Delhi may have a study or den, and if not, an extra bedroom might be used for this purpose. Some floor plans even have unique features such as lofts or conversation pits. Whatever your type of apartment in Delhi, make sure that you know all the details before moving in. If you are moving into a studio apartment in Delhi, you should focus on furnishings that can multi-task. Studio apartment dwellers should focus on furnishings that are warm and welcoming. Plan on your bed doubling as a seating area for friends, as it will be in the room. If you have an apartment in Delhi with one or more bedrooms, your bedroom furnishings can have a more personal and private touch, as visitors may rarely, if ever, see these rooms.

 There are many different sizes and types of furnished apartments in Delhi. They are usually based on the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. They also come in studio efficiency size, multi-story and even a whole floor of a house.
An apartment in Delhi efficiency is basically a big, open room with a small kitchen, living room and bed all in that same room, and a private bathroom. They are most popular in the bigger cities.
Sometimes furnished apartments in Delhi are part of a duplex and have two floors. Usually the living space will be downstairs and the bedroom and bathroom will be upstairs.
Then there are the apartments in Delhi that are a whole floor of a house. Oftentimes this is the top floor, with a family or single person living downstairs.



Function for an apartment in Delhi

The most important thing in an apartment in Delhi is often functionality. In even the largest of spaces, you want to make the best use of every square foot. Therefore, it is important to stick with furnishings that serve a purpose. If you are starting from scratch and purchasing new items, you will need to decide what activities in your daily life need to be accommodated. Beginning with the basics, a well-furnished apartment in Delhi should have a functioning kitchen. This means at least a basic set of pots and pans for cooking, as well as plates, bowls, cups and silverware. If you enjoy cooking more elaborate meals, you may need to furnish your kitchen with extra storage space such as shelves, drawers, or counter-top canisters and organizers. At a very minimum, your bathroom will need towels and a shower curtain. Moving on to the bedroom, the most important piece of furniture is the bed. In addition, you will want to consider a dresser, shelves and nightstands. The living room and dining room are often the trickiest parts of an apartment in Delhi to furnish. You have a plethora of options and should select something that will meet your individual needs. If you entertain frequently, you will need plenty of seating. If you enjoy television, an entertainment center and at least one piece of furniture to sit on are a good place to start. More intellectual types may want to furnish this area with a desk, bookshelves, and cozy armchairs. Families with children may need to consider shelving for toys. If you have a lot of mementos and pictures that you want to set around, you will need a surface for these. End tables, bookshelves and wall-mounted shelving can serve this purpose.

Features for an apartment in Delhi

The features that an apartment in Delhi comes with can determine many things when it comes to furnishings. First to consider are appliances. Most apartments in Delhi come furnished with a refrigerator and stove. Some also feature a dishwasher and microwave. It is important to take note of these, as a microwave can be an important investment if the apartment in Delhi does not provide one. In addition, some provide a washer and dryer in the unit. Others will have a washer/dryer hookup. If you do get a hookup, you should consider investing in a washer and dryer, as this is usually much cheaper in the long run than using a laundry facility. Some bedroom and linen closets already feature shelving, so this isn't a concern when purchasing furniture. If you have a porch or balcony off of your apartment, you might want to add some patio furniture to your list of furnishings, especially if you live in a climate where dining outdoors can be an enticing option.

 Furnished apartments in Delhi usually include all the basics. These would be a bed, dresser, TV, closet space and some form of parking. Then they can be really elaborate and also include appliances, washer, dryer, furniture and all kitchen items such as pots, pots, utensils and silverware. This would be a situation where the only thing needed to move in would be clothes and personal care items. Furnished apartments in Delhi usually include utilities or at least a portion of them as well.


Considerations for an apartment in Delhi

When furnishing your apartment in Delhi, there are many important things to take into consideration. If this is your first apartment in Delhi, especially, you may overlook some of the most basic things. When you first move in, you should bring some essentials with you that you will need even before you begin to unpack. These items include toilet paper, paper towels, dish soap, sponges, scissors and other cleaning supplies. It will be easier to clean up any less-than-pristine areas before you get all of your boxes and furniture into the apartment. It is also easier to paint before you move in. So if this is something you plan on doing, you may want to schedule a few days alone with your empty apartment in Delhi to get the task done. Moving into a new apartment in Delhi can be an expensive venture, so when it comes to new furnishings, you may want to take the cheapest route. Investigate places such Goodwill and local garage sales. You can also look online at Craigslist for cheap or even free items that people are looking to get rid of.

Furnished apartment in Delhi

 A furnished apartment in Delhi will vary in what’s offered to the tenant. It may include a couch, dining table, refrigerator, washer and dryer or other home comforts. Some furnished apartments in Delhi might have just a couch and dining room set, while others might have everything you would need for an apartment in Delhi. The furnishings will vary but will usually be mentioned in the apartment ad.

Unfurnished apartment in Delhi

 An unfurnished apartment in Delhi has no furniture in it. Sometimes this will also mean that it has a refrigerator but won’t have any other furnishings. An unfurnished apartment in Delhi ad may say if there is a refrigerator, washer and dryer or other appliances.

Having an unfurnished apartment in Delhi lets you choose what type of style you want to decorate the apartment in Delhi.

Having an unfurnished apartment in Delhi means you have to go out and purchase furniture. You’ll also have to move it in, which sometimes can be difficult to do, especially if you don’t live on the first story of a building.

Furniture for an apartment in Delhi

Furniture can be a major expenditure for new apartment owners. One cheap idea for furnishing a space is to refurbish furniture from yard sales and thrift stores into comfortable, stylish furnishings for your home. Pay attention to the overall condition of wood tables and chairs; you can easily repair nicks and scratches with wood filler and sandpaper, but broken legs and handles require more woodworking experience. You can stain or paint used tables and chairs to fit your design aesthetic. It's also easier and cheaper to use a slipcover over fabric sofas and chairs than it is to reupholster them. Rent a steam cleaner and use it to freshen up the furniture fabric. Use the furniture as it is, or covers it to match your new apartment in Delhi.

Necessary items include seating, bedding and bathroom furnishings. A small coffee table made with plastic milk crates and a sturdy piece of glass on top can store items such as magazines, books, knick-knacks or plants. Display photos under the glass instead of taking up space on the wall and eliminate the cost of frames at the same time.

Every furniture choice must count. Visit furniture stores that specialize in small spaces furniture. These pieces have multiple functions built into the design of the furniture. If your couch is also your bed, you will also want it to store linens and look good for company. Each piece you bring into the room should pay for itself in storage and function. Consider building a floor-to-ceiling bookcase around a window. Make the windowsill height deeper to create a built-in seat with storage underneath. Use this for media storage and for books, linens, clothing and more.

Hang a quilt or tapestry to decorate a large wall space in your apartment in Delhi. Another cheap solution is to frame photos and hang them in a row or a pattern to cover a large or small wall area. Take architectural shots from around your town or enlarge close-up images of flowers and botanicals. Precut mats and frames from your local craft store are a cheap alternative to having your photos professionally framed.

Wall Art and Storage for an apartment in Delhi

Purchase low-cost posters and poster board. Cut a frame out of the poster board and glue to the top of the posters and hang on the wall. Mix and match the colors of the poster board in complementary colors to match the room furnishings.

Purchase or build wooden shelving to use in the kitchen, bathroom, living room and bedroom for extra storage space. If you prefer to hide the contents of the shelves, glue a flat sheet in a complementary color along the top of the shelving on three sides. Cut a slit with scissors up the middle of the sheet for access to the contents.

Painting your walls is the cheapest way to add color and personality to your apartment in Delhi.  Add color to your walls with wall hangings including framed posters and pictures, small rugs, even sheets. Buy a bunch of frames at a thrift store and fill them with pictures from old calendars, cookbooks or illustrated novels. Arrange a bunch of small items in a cluster to fill wall space; hang mirrors to reflect your apartment's light and make it feel bigger.

Wall art doesn't have to be expensive to make a statement. No matters how crafty or artistic you are, or are not, you can make cheap wall art to coordinate with your new apartment in Delhi. Sling acrylic paint onto an artist's canvas to create a contemporary piece. Cover a canvas with different colored fabrics to make an eclectic piece or tin tiles to make a vintage-style piece. Hang a quilt or decorative fabric on the wall behind the sofa to cover a large wall space. Take photos of botanicals as well as local cityscapes and landscapes, have them enlarged and frame them to decorate your apartment in Delhi. You can hang an old window on the wall as art; attach hooks to the frame and it becomes functional as well as decorative.                            

Headboards for an apartment in Delhi

Create a headboard to decorate the bedroom in your apartment in Delhi with old doors, old wrought iron gates or old windows. Visit your local architectural salvage yard and thrift store to see what appeals to you. Refinish the wood or the metal by sanding and applying either wood or metal primer or paint, whichever is appropriate. Paint the glass part of an old window with stained glass paint for a translucent and colorful headboard. Follow your apartment regulations regarding attaching the headboard to the wall; you may need to patch the screw holes before you leave. You can attach lighter objects to the wall with removable hook and loop strips, like Command Strips.

Floral Decorations for an apartment in Delhi

Bringing flowers into your home is a cheap and cute way to decorate your apartment in Delhi. Even if you can't afford fresh flowers regularly, fake flowers give you the same look. Opt for flowers with a more realistic look, such as those with several shades or those with a softer texture. Display arrangements of fake flowers all over your apartment in Delhi, using a different type or color of vase in each room. Change out the flowers every month and use flowers that mimic the ones found in season.

Color and Lighting for an apartment in Delhi

Paint colors that are light and cool, especially soft blues and greens, can make a space feel more open. Also, think monochromatic: Use colors in the same family when you tie in your furnishings and accessories, and avoid bold prints, sticking with plain upholstery that you can accent with pillows. Light can open a small space, too, so add more lamps or consider installing track lighting or recessed lighting, if your rental contract allows it, and use dimmers for more intimate occasions. Try to avoid ceiling lighting, if possible, as this has the optical illusion of lowering ceilings.

Furnishings and Layout for an apartment in Delhi

Scale down all furnishings: sofas, chairs, ottomans, tables should all be smaller than average size and allow for maximum traffic flow. Or, conversely, choose one large multifunctional piece of furniture around which to center the room and make everything else miniature. Make furnishing do double duty by, for example, using sofas that fold out into beds or installing a Murphy bed. Furniture that is curved can help soften the effect of boxlike apartment walls, and tables with Lucite or glass tops can also make the room feel more open. Use small appliances, too, replacing a big refrigerator or microwave with a smaller one.

Accessories and Storage for an apartment in Delhi

Pack or give away all items you don't use often. Everything should have its place, preferably hidden behind cupboard, cabinet or closet doors. Try using floating shelves, which you can purchase at home stores or hardware stores, or use wall brackets and wooden planks on top. Use mirrors where possible to make the room appear larger. Even a standing mirror in a corner can help.

Painted Floors for an apartment in Delhi

Consider painting your hardwood floors a darker color rather than bringing in an area rug. This can neutralize the orange color of many older floors, yet still create a nice texture and color that is more cohesive with the wallpaper and colors of the rooms and furnishings. Use an epoxy-based floor paint and finish that can stand up to the wear and tear of everyday use. Select a neutral color that works well with your furniture style and colors.

Add Moldings for an apartment in Delhi

Increase the visual richness of your space by adding moldings and trims. Crown moldings, baseboards, chair rails, plate rails, faux panels and other trims add visual interest that makes a space more alive. Look for additional storage hidden inside wall cavities and disguise the doors of your hidden storage by creating a wall of patchwork panels of a single interesting shape. This will hide the storage and make a strong visual statement. Disguise visual clutter and make your spaces feel bigger. Maintain your trim new space by removing one thing when you bring in something new.

Moving into a new apartment in Delhi can be an adventure, but it can also feel limiting, as most leases bar any big design changes. Even though you don't own the property and can’t make drastic renovations, that doesn’t mean you can’t make it feel like home -- and you don't need drills, bits and hammers in order to make it happen.

Living Room Dressing for an apartment in Delhi

Choosing one special luxury item and making it the focal point of the room will make it possible to be thrifty in other ways. Dark or light paint colors can work in a small room -- the important things are light and space. Being careful when collecting, and selecting a specific item or material and sticking with it will help keep clutter away.

Windows for an apartment in Delhi

Apartments in Delhi usually come with (typically white) blinds, either horizontal or vertical, on the windows. Make your windows stand out with curtains. Inexpensive curtains and rods can be found at most retail stores. If you sew, consider buying king-sized sheets and sewing a pocket for a curtain rod to slide through. Fabric shower curtains will work for smaller windows as well. As long as you don't assume that a window covering must be labeled a "curtain," you have many options. And don't forget small (and often cheaper) valences, which will add both color and height to your room.

Tabletop Décor for an apartment in Delhi

Order a piece of glass or Plexiglas that matches the dimensions of your coffee tabletop. Place pretty fabric, photos or any other apartment in Delhi mementos on the table's surface, and cover it with the glass or Plexiglas.


Mirrors for an apartment in Delhi

Mirrors make a space appear much larger and add a certain element of decor, depending on how they are framed.

Colored Candles for an apartment in Delhi

Colored candles can add life to your space. Shop around for candles of different shapes and sizes and insert them in candle holders. Arrange them in a grouping, or scatter them around your apartment in Delhi for touches of color everywhere.

Plants for an apartment in Delhi

Bring a touch of color and nature into your apartment in Delhi. Find cheap plants at garage sales or look for sales at nurseries. Place plants in areas where they will receive light and are easily noticed by your guests. Garage sales may have faux greenery as well.

Pillows and Bedding for an apartment in Delhi

Shop discount stores for bedding in a bag sets and colorful accent pillows at a much cheaper price than you would pay normally. Or look at the online classifieds for advertisements for bedding sets and pillows at a fraction of the retail price. Use the accent pillows on your bed, sofa or chairs.

Living Room for an apartment in Delhi

Your living area should have seating such as a couch, and a television or bookshelf depending on your interests. A coffee table or end table will provide a convenient surface for drinks.

Dining Room for an apartment in Delhi

Develop a dining area that will best serve your dining habits. If you like to entertain, you will need a large table, but if you eat alone or with one other person, a couple stools at the counter may do.

Kitchen for an apartment in Delhi

Your kitchen will require the most work when it comes to furnishing. You will need dishes, cutlery, and pots and pans to prepare and serve food. A microwave is an essential appliance that may not be included in the apartment in Delhi.

Bathroom for an apartment in Delhi

The day you move in you should come prepared with a roll of toilet paper. Other items for the bathroom will include towels, rugs and toiletries.

Bedroom for an apartment in Delhi

At a bare minimum you should have a bed and bed linens. You may choose to add end tables and a dresser as well. If you live in a studio apartment in Delhi, consider a futon that doubles as both a couch and bed.

Study room for an apartment in Delhi

Though you may not have a separate room for a study, you will probably want to dedicate a corner to a desk, chair and computer, as well as any shelves you may need for books and software.

Additional Items for an apartment in Delhi

Other items you may need in your apartment in Delhi include a clock, lighting, and any artwork or other knick knacks that help to make the room feel like home.

Solicit donations from friends and family members to decorate a small apartment in Delhi on the cheap. They can be quite generous when they understand you are trying to decorate your apartment, especially if it is your first place. Add a little paint, ribbon or fabric and that donation will look like new. They also may be able to help out with the odds and ends you will need to decorate such as paint, draperies and lighting fixtures.

Work out trades with friends and family members. Revive the lost art of bartering and swap out furniture, window treatments and the like. Don't limit yourself to only swapping decorating items. Use your talents and skills to get the home décor you need; offer to baby sit or mow the lawn to get those throw pillows you've had your eye on.

Set priorities - at the top of the list most likely will be a bed, living-room seating, a breakfast table and chairs, and entertainment appliances (TV, stereo); pieces such as a coffee table, china cabinet and entertainment armoire are probably marginal.

Paint the walls a light and non-intrusive color. Pale yellow, very pale pink that hardly gives off a hint of color, or a very light brown all serve as decorative backdrops. The color should be happy, inviting, and should make the eye see beyond the wall and out the windows.

Work around what you have. Often the flooring is not an option. If dark woods are used, purchase area rugs that blend with the upholstery. Sculptured cream-on-cream is expansive if there isn't heavy traffic in the rooms. Busy Oriental or modern area rugs are confining. Keep the flooring simple and light.         

Hang mirrors, as they expand any room. Use either a large vertically hung mirror to create a division between the dining area and living room, or a horizontally hung mirror over the loveseat. The mirror should not be wider than the loveseat to be in proportion. A collection of different-sized mirrors in differing frames hung on one wall is also attractive.

Purchase a high-top table with two or four high-legged chairs to create a functional dining area without overcrowding the space. Avoid heavy, dark woods. The chairs need not match, and using different styles of chairs adds an interesting element to the décor. Be sure the chairs are see through, with open backs.

Clear kitchen counters of clutter and keep appliances tucked out of view. Use an accent color for one or two items, perhaps silk flowers or a special piece of glass that has other uses. Put cookbooks in a cupboard. Hang artwork on the walls. Make the kitchen as interesting as the rest of the apartment.

Start with a small bed -- queen sized or smaller. Avoid head and foot boards. Instead, hang a painting over the top of the bed in place of a headboard. Bed-side lamps can be attached to the wall. Find a narrow bookcase and place its open side facing the bed for use as a nightstand and reading rack. Stacking hat boxes or decorative filing boxes also creates interesting bedside tables. Mirrors and artwork add a finishing touch. Keep all clothing behind closed doors to avoid clutter.


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